Not everyone loved the automobile (1911)

1911 – According to a column in the Central Point Herald, September 7, 1911, the "Farmer’s Anti-Auto Protective Society" issued its own rules, . These included:

All members of the Society will give up Sunday to chasing automobiles, shooting and shouting at them, and otherwise discouraging country touring on that day On approaching a corner where he cannot command a view of the road ahead the automobilist must stop not less than 100 yards from the turn, toot his horn, ring a bell, fire a revolver, hallo, and send up three bombs at intervals of five minutes. 

In case a horse will not pass an automobile… the automobilist will take the machine apart… and conceal the parts in the grass.

Automobiles must be seasonably painted… They must be green in spring, golden in summer, red in autumn and white in winter. Automobiles running on the country roads at night must send up a red rocket every mile, and wait ten minutes for the road to clear. They may then proceed, carefully, blowing their horns and shooting Roman candles.