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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
138 Cooley and Neff Building 340 North Fir Street Medford
351 F. Corning Kenly House (Glenview Orchard) Carpenter Hill Road Medford
448 W. L. Ireland House Fourth & B Streets Grants Pass
459 Unnamed North Peach and West Main Streets Medford
190 Albert Orr House 1-Primary 220 Barneburg Road Medford
293 Thomas Swem House 38 Ross Court Medford
245 Unnamed 10526 Table Rock Road Central Point
253 Unnamed Box 2888, Ross Lane Medford
534 L. P. Older House 1-Primary 38 North Berkeley Way Medford
228 Robert Tracey House 5170 South Pacific Highway Medford
64 Fluhrer Building Remodel SE corner E. Main and South Central Ave Medford
399 Victor Mills House 2-Secondary 155 Strawberry Lane Ashland
RR18 Purucker Kinney 13 Glen Oak Court Medford
191 E. A. Lamport House South Pacific Highway Phoenix/Medford
511 Carl Rau Auto Court (?) Seventh Street Central Point