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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
191 E. A. Lamport House South Pacific Highway Phoenix/Medford
421 Reuben Hargrove House 185 North Pioneer Ashland
183 J.A. & Margaret Wilson House Addition 410 East D Street Jacksonville
422 Unnamed 528 South Grape Street Medford
99 Enders Building 2-Secondary 250 East Main Street Ashland
140 W. S. Barnum House 711 Keene Way Medford
352 Reed Tractor & Equipment Building
296 Ginger Rogers
544 Blackwell Hill School
228 Robert Tracey House 5170 South Pacific Highway Medford
495 Snider Unknown (528 Pennsylvania or 227 N. Oakdale)
320 Eagle Point High School, Eagle Point Junior High 2-Secondary Eagle Point
135b Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #2 2-Secondary 27 North Main Street Ashland
424 Five houses South Pacific Highway Medford
190 Albert Orr House 1-Primary 220 Barneburg Road Medford