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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
RR23 McQueen 2136 Hillcrest Rd. Medford
65 Goldy Building (remodel) West Main Street Medford 89201.00
270 C. F. Nichols House 622 South Holly Street Medford
72 Unnamed 1984 Orchard Home Drive Medford
169 E. H. Janney House 2-Secondary 6 N. Modoc Avenue Medford
27 Frank C. & Grace W. Clark house remodel 1017 West Tenth Street Medford 89234.00
346 Bert Elliot House 1-Primary 5 Corning Court Medford
340 COPCO Building Addition 216 East Main Street Medford
182 Roberts House Northeast corner of Black Oak & Acorn Medford
67 Fluhrer Bakery Building 2-Secondary 29 North Holly Street Medford 89218.00
418 Jackson County Nursing Home 5465 South Pacific Highway Medford
RR24 Spencer 2001 East Main St. Medford
65 Goldy Building (remodel) West Main Street Medford 89202.00
10 James F. Campbell House 2-Secondary 1406 Kings Highway Medford
17 L. Banks House, S. Oregon Hearing Aid Cntr 2-Secondary 1000 West Main Stret Medford 89225.00