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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
258 A. W. Pipes House Queen Anne Street (?) Medford
484 Dr. Sweeney House Unknown location (2336 Table Rock Rd) Medford
142 W. H. Lydiart (Gates and Lydiard) 16 Geneva Medford
3a Hotel Medford 1-Primary 406 W. Main Medford 89210.00
354 Fred T. Lewis House Unknown location
553 "Business Block" Northeast corner of 6th & Bartlett Medford
209 Milton D. Schuchard 830 Minnesota Avenue Medford
380 Unnamed 1452 Lawnridge Grants Pass
321c Medford High SchoolGym, renamed McLoughlin Junior High School 320 West Second Street Medford
299 E. H. Evans House 1216 East Main Street Medford
501 Hannon or Hansen Unknown location
164 Ashland Natatorium First and Spring Streets, B Ashland
70a Medford Sanitorium 331 West Sixth Street Medford
21 Victor Bursell House 1-Primary 3075 Hanley Road Central Point
231 Agricultural Experiment Station, Supervisor's House 5595 South Pacific Highway Medford