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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
309 Rebecca & John Jensen House 508 Park Avenue Medford
RR12 Van Dyke 7 Glen Oak Court Medford
182 Roberts House Northeast corner of Black Oak & Acorn Medford
551 First National Bank, Billings Insurance
244 E. P. Pickens House 10271 Table Rock Road Central Point
378 Unnamed 1020 NW Washington Grants Pass
128 Table Rock School 10271 Table Rock Road Central Point
5 Medford Elks Picnic/Casino Agate Rd, 10 mi. no of Medford Medford
343 Osteopathic Clinic 215 East Jackson Street Medford
200 C. L. Moore House location unknown Ashland
68 Medford YMCA (addition) 522 West Main Street Medford 89224.00
429 Jean Cameron house 2946 Cedar Links Medford
271 Arthur Tyo House Ross Court Medford
446 Unnamed Bellinger Lane near Hull Road Medford
SOHS 2 2525 Lyman Street 2525 Lyman Street Medford