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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
253 Unnamed Box 2888, Ross Lane Medford
344 Dr. Howard House 1507 West Main Street Medford
71 Unnamed 1840 South Stage Road Medford
58 Holly Theatre 1-Primary 222 West Sixth Street Medford 89217.00
RR3 Westerlund 2004 Hillcrest Rd Medford
20 Hob Deuel, Jr., House 1002 South Oakdale Avenue Medford
497 William Bates 32 Geneva (?) Medford
243 Harry D. Mills House Siskiyou Heights Medford
175 C. M. Thomas House Pergola 52 Ross Court Medford
294 Merkle House 2-Secondary 39 Summit Street Medford
37 Delroy Getchell House 1-Primary 1121 South Oakdale Street Medford 89270.00
64 Fluhrer Building Remodel SE corner E. Main and South Central Ave Medford
65 Goldy Building (remodel) West Main Street Medford 89201.00
276 Bohall House South of 3654 South Pacific Highway Medford
345 Dr. Sherwood House 523 Newton Street Medford