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Image Site Number Namesort descending National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)
537 James Pulver Motel 1237 North Riverside Avenue Medford
236 James Tamplin House 89 Janey Way Medford
SOHS 7 Janney House 39 S. Berkeley Medford
429 Jean Cameron house 2946 Cedar Links Medford
224 Jerome Juni House 7435 Rogue River Highway Grants Pass
131 John A. Fluhrer House 1-Primary 2447 Hillcrest Road Medford
305 John Chambers House 3-Minor 137 Almond Street Ashland
152 John Champion House 1801 Vivian Street Medford
261 John Lawrence House 2218 East Main Street Medford 89284.00
388 John Mann House 3-Minor 815 East Main Street Medford
533 John Moffatt House 3-Minor 34 North Berkeley Way Medford
188 Johnson/Trowbridge House 1625 East Main Street Medford
532 Jorgen E. Jorgenson 1913 Hillcrest (original house burned) Medford
207 Josephine Bank Grants Pass
395 Josephine County Fair Building Grants Pass