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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Title
529 Clem Clymer House Unknown location (RR#3)
74 Big Y Shopping Center
486 W. S. Barnum Unknown location (1684 Spring Street)
487 T. Simpson Unknown location
14 The Perl Funeral Home 89220.00
489 McDonough Unknown location
14 The Perl Funeral Home 89221.00
491 William Young Unknown location (815 Bennett?)
493 Jackson County Warehouse Unknown location
217 Mrs. J. S. Vilas House Vilas Orchard
339a Medford Ice & Storage Building
494 V. Katrina Unknown location
419 Unnamed 512 Avenue
495 Snider Unknown (528 Pennsylvania or 227 N. Oakdale)
544 Blackwell Hill School