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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
295 House 3-Minor 1222 West Main Street Medford
233 Dr. Martin C. Barber House Minnesota Avenue Medford
388 John Mann House 3-Minor 815 East Main Street Medford
47 Leverette Building, Montgomery Ward Bldg. 2-Secondary 115-121 South Central Street Medford
87 George Triechler House 2-Secondary 995 South Oakdale Avenue Medford 89249.00
347 Warehouse Tenth and Medford
499 American Laundry 132 Central Avenue Medford
96 Eugene Bennett Apartment 337 South Grape Street Medford
18 C. I. Hutchinson House 1-Primary 1306 West Main Street Medford 89226.00
195 Kingdom Hall location unknown Medford
446 Unnamed Bellinger Lane near Hull Road Medford
234 George Carpenter House 842 Carpenter Hill Medford
389 Max G. Bauer House 2-Secondary 15 Corning Court Medford
48 H. D. McCaskey House, So. Oregon Humane Society 3-Minor 2910 Table Rock Road Medford
291 Robert Strang House 1100 East Main Street Medford