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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
105 Dr. L. A. Salade, Sr., House Ranch near Central Point Central Point
250 Milton Snow House 3817 Grant Road Central Point
252 Steve O 1636 Ross Lane Central Point
526 Putnam/Edward Athey House M Street Central Point
180 Charles Newhall House Alteration 1-Primary 2748 Old Stage Road Central Point
208 Chris Schempf Building Central Point
21 Victor Bursell House 1-Primary 3075 Hanley Road Central Point
400 B. E. Harder House 3-Minor 3531 Ross Lane Central Point
404 F. W. Townsend House 1-Primary 3188 Ross Lane Central Point
496 Floyd Hart Unknown location (3817 Grant Road) Central Point
128 Table Rock School 10271 Table Rock Road Central Point
326 Raymond Driver House 1-Primary 4140 Old Stage Road Central Point
129 Harmony Point School Willow Springs Road Central Point
130 West Side School 3070 Ross Lane Central Point
249 Albert/Lorena Stratton House 1-Primary 2975 Hanley Road Central Point