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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
82 A. C. Hough House 1-Primary 707 NW A Street Grants Pass
380 Unnamed 1452 Lawnridge Grants Pass
166 Paddock Building 207 South Sixth Street Grants Pass
408 Deuel Building Main and Bartlet Streets Grants Pass
381 Unnamed 788 NW Third Grants Pass
168 Hunt & Antle Theatre "The Rivoli" 6th & E Street Grants Pass
410 Sam Neas House North Fifth Street Grants Pass
382 Unnamed 733 NW Third Grants Pass
411 Hotel Josephine Remodel 6th and E Streets Grants Pass
383 Unnamed 412 A Street Grants Pass
384 Unnamed 520 A Street Grants Pass
385 Unnamed 649 B Street Grants Pass
386 Unnamed West of 613 B Street Grants Pass
223 Max Kearns House 700 Savage Creek Road Grants Pass
425 L. B. Hall Funeral Home C Street Grants Pass