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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
197 Marjorie Feasley House 2-Secondary 1820 Crown Avenue Medford
46d Hillcrest Orchard/Superintendent's House 2-Secondary 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford
300 Business Block NE corner North Central & East Eighth Sts Medford
321b Medford High School, Agriculture & Manual Arts Bldg. 320 West Second Street Medford
356 Unnamed 843 East Main Street Medford
532 Jorgen E. Jorgenson 1913 Hillcrest (original house burned) Medford
444 Porter Neff House 516 Belmont Medford
75 Medford Airport Newell Barber Field South Pacific Highway Medford
109 Gilhousen House 2001 East Main Street Medford
124 Dr. Clancy House 2-Secondary 204 Medford Heights Lane Medford
205 Nye & Naumes Building Medford
265 Thomas Petch House 2-Secondary 3654 South Pacific Highway Phoenix
434 Phoenix Presbyterian Church Phoenix Phoenix
353 Houston Brothers House Buckeye's Orchard Phoenix
191 E. A. Lamport House South Pacific Highway Phoenix/Medford