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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
219 Prospect School Gymnasium 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
46h Hillcrest Orchard, Packing House 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford
107 "Timber Room Cafe 3-Minor 3 South Riverside Avenue Medford
182 Roberts House Northeast corner of Black Oak & Acorn Medford
378 Unnamed 1020 NW Washington Grants Pass
128 Table Rock School 10271 Table Rock Road Central Point
343 Osteopathic Clinic 215 East Jackson Street Medford
RR2 Butler 28 North Barneburg Medford
270 C. F. Nichols House 622 South Holly Street Medford
523 Lincoln Grade School Addition 608 N. Bartlett (?) Medford
143 "Humphrey Bros. Grocery" Building 3-Minor 534 East Main Street Medford
220 Prospect High School 34 Mill Creek Drive Prospect
46i Hillcrest Orchard, Wagon Shed 3285 Hillcrest Road Medford
111 Ernest Barnes 1906 East Main Medford
185 Eugene D. Thorndyke House 55South Berkeley Street Medford