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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort ascending
194 Gain Robinson House location unknown Medford
SOHS 6 D. A. Thierolf House (second house) 907 S. Oakdale Ave. Medford
489 McDonough Unknown location
125 Washington School 2-Secondary 610 South Peach Street Medford
144 Mrs. E. P. Power House 100 Vancouver Avenue Medford
355 Mrs. A. Holloway House Burrell Orchards
411 Hotel Josephine Remodel 6th and E Streets Grants Pass
339 Medford Ice & Storage Addition 3-Minor 539 South Fir Street Medford
384 Unnamed 520 A Street Grants Pass
265 Thomas Petch House 2-Secondary 3654 South Pacific Highway Phoenix
77 Shetler/Henselman House 35 South Berkeley Way Medford
233 Dr. Martin C. Barber House Minnesota Avenue Medford
167 Calvert Building 3-Minor 207 South Sixth Street Grants Pass
539 Porter Lumber Company Residence Northeast corner of Queen Anne and Lindley Medford
195 Kingdom Hall location unknown Medford