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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City Photo(s)sort descending
303 Dodge Furniture & Carpet Building 3-Minor 123 East Main Street Ashland
394 Owen-Oregon Office 2211 North Riverside Avenue Medford
336 Unnamed 1964 Old Stage Road Central Point
105 Dr. L. A. Salade, Sr., House Ranch near Central Point Central Point
93 Thurston Daniels House 1-Primary 1805 East Main Street Medford
248 Wilton White House 3660 Kirtland Drive Central Point
513 Glenn Simpson House West side of Ashland Street Medford
203 Medford School Administration Building Monroe Street Medford
452d Slaughter House 2355 Hillside Drive
455 Seely Hall, Sr., Orchard House (East of 4-Corners) Medford
100 Michael Clemens House 1-Primary 612 N.W. Third Street Grants Pass
157 Three Story Business Block Ashland
304 Frank Strickfaden House 2-Secondary 145 Almond Street Ashland
395 Josephine County Fair Building Grants Pass
374 Unnamed 604 NW Fourth Grants Pass