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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending Photo(s)
RR2 Butler 28 North Barneburg Medford
340 COPCO Building Addition 216 East Main Street Medford
521 George Harrington House 208 Bradford Way Medford
109 Gilhousen House 2001 East Main Street Medford
66 Kay Building 34 South Fir Medford 89206.00
264 Jackson County Fair Buildings East side of South Pacific Highway Medford
205 Nye & Naumes Building Medford
337 Wm. Shepherd (Muirhead?) House 1-Primary 2003 Hillcrest Road Medford 89281.00
107 "Timber Room Cafe 3-Minor 3 South Riverside Avenue Medford
58 Holly Theatre 1-Primary 222 West Sixth Street Medford 89217.00
RR3 Westerlund 2004 Hillcrest Rd Medford
RR6 Sleeter 1715 East Main St. Medford
343 Osteopathic Clinic 215 East Jackson Street Medford
424 Five houses South Pacific Highway Medford
523 Lincoln Grade School Addition 608 N. Bartlett (?) Medford