Frank Clark, Southern Oregon Architect
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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City
6 Community Hospital Remodel, Century Bldg. 843 East Main Medford
414 Alfred Ware House 1985 Kings Highway Medford
233 Dr. Martin C. Barber House Minnesota Avenue Medford
116 Chandler Egan House 2620 North Foothills Road Medford
85 Grey House 714 South Oakdale Street Medford
448 W. L. Ireland House Fourth & B Streets Grants Pass
260 Exhibit Booth Lithia Park Ashland
146 New Ashland Creamery Winburn Way - Lithia Park Ashland
374 Unnamed 604 NW Fourth Grants Pass
491 William Young Unknown location (815 Bennett?)
300 Business Block NE corner North Central & East Eighth Sts Medford
168 Hunt & Antle Theatre "The Rivoli" 6th & E Street Grants Pass
423 Unnamed Pioneer Road just west of Hillsinger
510 William Yerkey Apartment North Pacific Highway