Frank Clark, Southern Oregon Architect
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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City
64 Fluhrer Building Remodel SE corner E. Main and South Central Ave Medford
416 Mission Apartments Holly near Medford
234 George Carpenter House 842 Carpenter Hill Medford
117 Rialto Theatre (original) 123 West Main Street Medford
18 C. I. Hutchinson House 1-Primary 1306 West Main Street Medford
88 Spatz House 992 South Oakdale Medford
450 (Gambrel roof) 816 West Tenth Street Medford
261 John Lawrence House 2218 East Main Street Medford
148 Gordon Voorhies Project Eden Valley Orchard
264 Jackson County Fair Buildings East side of South Pacific Highway Medford
375 Unnamed 751 NW Fourth Grants Pass
493 Jackson County Warehouse Unknown location
302 J. P. Dodge Mortuary 90 North Pioneer Ashland
171 Mason-Ehrman Warehouse 340 South Fir Street Medford