Holiday Open House at Hanley Farm, 12/26/2018

This is the reservation page for our 2018 Hanley holiday house tours. All tours are on December 26th. Prices are $5 per adult, $3.00 per SOHS Member and $3.00 per child under 13. 

Purchase your tickets in advance by entering the TOTAL number in your group next to the desired tour time. Click HERE or view chart on left for available times. (tours are limited to 10 people each. The chart or link shows the number currently available.) 

In the next section, enter the number of SOHS members in your group. Also enter the number of children who are under 13. This will reduce the ticket costs. 

Next, click on "Pay via Pay Pal or Credit card." Review your order, which must include a number of tickets greater than or equal to the discounts requested. Continue to process the order and pay. 

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