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VIPs Tour SOC Campus

VIPs wearing name tags exit building, SOC campus / pan across large group of adults on campus / group gets coffee, snacks, chats, loiters /

M6F Box 9 76E/97E
VIPs Take Aerial Tour of Rogue River National Forest

Tight closeup of man aloft in five-seater private plane, pan to map on his lap and typed document he's reading, pan across pilot and other passengers / map of Rogue River National Forest, passengers discuss / terrain barely visible out window as plane More

M6F Box 1 68E/97E
VIPs Stroll Along Medford Railroad Tracks; Cave Junction Fender-Bender; Medford Policewoman with Kittens; Barber Shop

Men in suits walk down Medford street / sign: "Private Property, All Persons Forbidden to Trespass Hereon," pan along tracks to men schmoozing, Medford Depot in background / pan along railroad tracks / more of same / men walk along tracks, Medford More

M6E Box 2 56E/97E
VIPs Schmooze; Medford Police, Fireman; John Lusk Honored by Junior Service League

Closeups of VIPs schmoozing; one has WWP (Washington Water Power Co.?) patch on suit pocket / closeup of patch / / exterior, South Grape Street: Medford policemen discuss on sidewalk, "Police Dept." neon sign on building above them, Niedermeyer More

M6E Box 4 58E/97E
VIPs Greeted at Medford Airport

Passengers disembarking from DC-8 airliner, Medford Airport / VIP greeted / more passengers disembarking / closeup of VIPs chatting outside terminal

M6F Box 2 69E/97E
VIPs Fly from Medford Airport to San Francisco on West Coast Airlines DC-9 Inaugural

West Coast Airlines jet airliner taxis up to gate, Medford Airport runway in fog / VIP speaks in front of sign: "Southern Oregon and West Coast Airlines, Partners in Progress" / Major Dunlevy uses giant scissors inscribed "West Coast Airlines DC-9 More

M6D Box 8 48E/97E
VIPs Arrive; Medford Post Office; Shakespeare Rehearsal

Gate 3, Medford Airport, VIPs arrive, shake hands with other VIPs, chat / / closeup of certificate of membership in Mail Users Council / sorting mail, Medford post office / several closeups of same / certificate again / / Elizabethan Theater, Oregon More

M6F Box 5 72E/97E
VIP; Society Ladies

Man sitting and talking at desk / closeup of same / / well-dressed men and women chatting at gate, Medford Airport / pan across group of women wearing name tags (at Rogue Valley Country Club?)

M6F Box 8 75E/97E
VIP Speaks

Slow pan across crowd of adults in high school gymnasium / gray-haired speaker at lectern / audience applauds / different speaker / pan across dais / gray-haired speaker in smaller room / pans across audience More

M6F Box 12 79E/97E
VIP Pontificates

Man in suit standing and speaking in small room / closeup of reporter's notepad as he takes notes / over-the-shoulder spot of speaker talking to reporter / VIPs standing and watching raptly / more of same

M6E Box 13 67E/97E
VIP Inspects Army Troops

Man in suit shakes hands with Army noncoms in locker room, inspects troopsm greets officers / closeups of VIPs and officers

M6E Box 13 67E/97E
VIP Greeted at Medford Airport; Schoolchildren at Jacksonville Museum

People at gate, Medford Airport / jetliner arrives / people disembark / VIP is greeted / closeups of VIPs / / "Jacksonville Museum" sign, pan down to schoolchildren waiting to go inside / children file into museum / pan down pipe organ / scrum of More

M6E Box 4 58E/97E
VIP Greeted at Medford Airport; New Community Theater Building

Passengers disembark from Western Airlines DC-8, Medford Airport / VIP greeted, schmoozed with at terminal gate / closeup of VIP / / pan across building / interior: painters at work / woman fits young man with tuxedo / people standing on unfinished More

M6E Box 10 64E/97E
VIP Greeted at Medford Airport by Boy Scouts

West Coast twin-prop airliner taxis up to camera / Boy Scouts wrestle roll of carpet to airplane, unroll it / VIP disembarks, shakes hands with other VIPs, is greeted / VIP schmoozes at length on couch

M6E Box 5 59E/97E
VIP Arrives, Medford Airport; Drug Bust Evidence

Medford Airport: West Coast jetliner approaches camera / VIPs disembark, walk toward camera, are greeted, kissed, pose, schmooze / / Jackson County Sheriff's deputies remove small bottles of drugs, pipe, cigarette box from wooden cigar box, display on More

M6E Box 5 59E/97E
Vincent, Dean

Vincent, Dean (loose card in file)

MS1269 7: 43
Vincent Gallo

Description of Ph.D. thesis on community leadership and infulence characteristics.  MMT 11-12-1969

Vol. 2, pp. 331-332 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Vilas Estate: Photo albums 1982.095.169 and .170 Eicher Identified portraits: Hanna, Linn, Ganung,

Vilas Estate: Photo albums 1982.095.169 and .170 Eicher
Identified portraits: Hanna, Linn, Ganung, Jones, Overbeck, Holt, Pape, Schumpf

Mezzanine 30 F 2 Mezzanine List
Views of Rogue Valley Manor

Views of Manor from below / pan up from entrance level, "Rogue Valley Manor" VW microbus parked in front / sign: "This Is a PRIVATE Residence for Members and Their Guests" / shaky telephoto view from creek level, radio antenna tower in foreground

M6D Box 2 42E/97E
Views of Medford Airport; Hwy. 62 Interchange Construction; Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Pan across parking lot, tarmac from roof of Medford Airport terminal: West Coast airliner, bare tarmac, private airplanes, fuel truck, junked cars / hand in foreground points toward runway / / Crater Lake Highway from shoulder, pan to busy More

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Views of a Hanging (f) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (e) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (d) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (c) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Views of a Hanging (b) Page 156 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55