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Video tapes of county roads 2006.019.1 James 1

Video tapes of county roads 2006.019.1 James

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Ashland Tidingss 4-9-1982, Ken Boettcher

Vets to the Rescue

Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, veterinarian Diana Schroop and technician Katie Mourand describe the services they provide and some unusual cases.

979.527 M3, Our Valley, p. 108, 2015 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Veterans Domiciliary Craft Fair

Sign: "Veterans Administration Domiciliary" / shot of Dom from moving car / interior, craft fair: displays of crafts: paintings, leatherwork, woodwork, lapidary, model ship

M6B Box 12 24E/97E
Veterans Day Parade, Medford

Medford, camera on Eighth Street by Alba Park, Federal Building under construction in background: Color guard / riderless horse / young spectators / high school band / 1930s car / color guard / flatbed float with veterans in wheelchairs and banner: " More

M6D Box 4 44E/97E
Veterans Administration Domiciliary Office Dedication

Cutting ribbon in front of office / long shot of Domiciliary building / people in wheelchairs and folding chairs on lawn / dignitaries and priest exit office / stand for pledge of allegiance, color guard at dais / speakers at lectern / shots of crowd More

M6B Box 13 25E/97E
Vern Christy

Manager of Timber Corporation of Nepal. Interview MMT 196?

Vol. 2 p. 208 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Verl G. "Barnie" Barnthouse

Railroad worker 1905-1960, mostly in Ashland. Locomotive engineer.

Vol. 1 pp. 64-65 Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Vendall Corporation

MMT 12-10-1993, Ross Anderson


MMT article March 8, 1988:  Robeert S. Forrest 

Vaughan, Dorothy York (Friend or acquaintance of Bennett's)

Vaughan, Dorothy York*

MS1269 7: 46
Various contents 4 Mezzanine 37 D 2.5 Mezzanine List
Various contents 3

(Continued) Box contents//Loose;//41. "Rare Book and Manuscript Thefts - A Security System for // Librarians, Booksellers, and Collectors" - 1982//42. Inlow family history with photos//43. Program for Oral History Workshop - 1980//44. More

Mezzanine 37 D 2.5 Mezzanine List
Various contents 2

(Continued) Box contents//Loose;//31. PrograCharter Banquet - Medford Centennial Sports // Hall of Fame, 1985//32. "Calico Ghost Town" (CA) 1959//33. Ashland Directory - 1948//34. University of Oregon Illustrated Circular - 1896//35. More

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Various contents 1

(Continued) Box contents//Loose;//21. "The 1983 Winter Yearbook" - Seed Sowers' Exchange//22. "Francis N. Blanchet" - Oregon Catholic History Newsletter, // 1982-83//23. "Eugene Bennett - A Retrospective" SOHS 1983 More

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vanDijk, Marianne

"To lift a gift of love," article about hospice. Ashland Dailing Tidings, sunday, November 7, 1982.

Hospice VF Vertical File Subjects
Van Vliet, Tony (Louise)

Van Vliet, Tony (Louise)

MS1269 7: 46
Van Olst, James, H.

Van Olst, James, H. (D) and Van Olst, Doris

MS1269 7: 43
Van Horne, Todd and Van Horne, Karen

Van Horne, Todd and Van Horne, Karen

MS1269 7: 43
Van Fleet, Peter

Van Fleet, Peter

MS1269 7: 46
Van Brtimmers' Cabin Page 115 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Valley Web Printing

Ed Reichenbach, Marsha Reichenbach, Todd Reichenbach

Rogue Valley Profiles, Summer 2020

Valley High School, Las Vegas

Dignitaries walk toward camera / "Valley High School" on building / interior, students between classes / dignitaries meet in small room / they discuss in hall / shots of classes, classrooms

M6B Box 13 25E/97E
Valley Candy Company

M. Sun 5/14/1915 p.4,, A. Hobenstein, F. L. Went

Valentine's Cafe

Medford Reporter, 4/11/1932:  Club Cafe, "Jimmie" Valentine, Trowbridge Cabinet Works