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United Way Executive; Medford Police, City Employees

Man at desk on phone, looking through papers / closeup of United Way paperwork over his shoulder / more of same / / policemen schmoozing in office with Mayor Dunlevy / policemen taking photographs of people (city employees?)

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
United Way Crusade VIPs

Closeups of VIPs in suits schmoozing, probably Rogue Valley Country Club /

M6C Box 8 34E/97E
United Medford Campaign Luncheon

Banquet scene: speaker in front of tote board / table captains stand and report, applaud.

Names on tote board: Martin Herrin, J. R. Acheson, G. Clark, C. Webb, Dick McCandless, Willard Chinn, Jay Elliott, Calvin L. Jones, George Brennan, Dunbar More

M6B Box 1 13E/97E
United Grocers

MMT 3/15/1981, William R. Pritchard

United Crusade Tote Board; Washing Airplane, Medford Airport

Pan across United Crusade 1967-68 Campaign tote board: Martin Crane Chairman / goals, totals, closeups of totals for various mills, public employees / / young man hoses off private airplane N2131F, Medford Airport, washes tail / spectators

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
United Crusade Tote Board

Man at work on United Crusade charity tote board, Red Cross headquarters, Medford

M6E Box 9 63E/97E
United Crusade Progress Report Banquet

Pan across men and sign: "United Crusade 1966-67 Campaign, Jim Beck Chairman, Jerry Clark Assistant" with goals and donation totals / they shake hands / sign with goals and division chairmen: Martin Craine, Gene Kent, R. Schwalenberg, Marcel Thiebaud More

M6C Box 11 37E/97E
United Crusade Luncheon

Exterior: man spray paints left halves of metal hard hats / interior: man at luncheon puts on hard hat, grins / speaker at dais in front of United Crusade sign / pans across luncheon; tables marked "Commercial," "Distribution," "Public Employees," " More

M6A Box 12 12E/97E
United Crusade Kickoff Dinner

Pan across banquet scene / band with large trumpet section playing  / speaker / more pans

M6C Box 10 36E/97E
United Crusade Banquet

Pan across banquet scene / board behind dais: "United Crusade 1966-67" "Goal $204,958.84" / man writes totals on blackboard /

M6D Box 1 41E/97E
United Crusade Banquet

Banquet scene: "1966-67 Campaign, Jim Beck, Chairman" progress tote board / pan across board, names visible: Martin Craine, Gene Kent, R. Schwalenberg, Marcel Thiebaud, Walter Draeger, Randy Warren

M6C Box 12 38E/97E
United Company of Oregon

4-6-2016:  Oil exploration in Oregon 1945 - 1960, J.H. Dawson, Lew G. Gilman, J.E. Zuber, C.C. Garlick, W. J. Crank, Ralph Greenwood, L.P. Mathes, Glenn Brown

United Airlines Promo Film; Medford Fairgrounds; Anti-Littering Footage

Good color, silent: aerial shot of airliners at terminal at San Francisco International Airport / pilot seen in cockpit of United Airlines jetliner from outside / plane taxis / interior of cockpit / jet airliner takes off, as seen from moving car / More

M6D Box 9 49E/97E
United Airlines Jet Pilot School; Meeting

Sound, color, faded to red: exterior shots of building / pilots in classroom / cockpit training mockups in large room / small jet takes off / cockpit shots / "school for jet executives" / / silent, black and white: people  sitting in stands, More

M7A Box 7 88E/97E
United Airlines Convair; Miss Rogue Valley Talent Competition

Mechanic works on wing of United Airlines twin-prop Mainliner Convair at Medford Airport / pilot boards / pan across airplane / views of empty passenger cabin / cockpit, controls / pan along belly of airplane from tail to nose / / dimly lit interior: More

M6F Box 1 68E/97E
United Airliner, Medford; Bank Opening, Ashland; Livestock Auction; Movie Set

Airliner landing, not at a local airport / schoolchildren at Medford Airport / United airliner taxis up to gate / closeup of passengers disembarking / inside empty airliner / / bank grand opening, Ashland / pan across spectators in parking lot / More

M6D Box 13 53E/97E
United Air Lines B Roll

Customers at United Air Lines counter, Medford Airport terminal / United clerk behind counter / four-propeller United DC-6 airliner N37502 taxiing at airport, people waiting at gate in foreground / airliner taxis up to camera / man climbs stairs, More

M6F Box 11 78E/97E
Unique Cleaners

Med News article 3-8-1940

Union Meat Company

MMT 5-14-1909  Charles Schneckcloth

Union Livery Stable

MM article Oct. 5, 1894 & Dec 7, 1906  :  F.K. Deuel, Ed. Worman, Frank Mingus

MM article July 7, 1908:   Deuel & Kentner. Duncan & Koontz

Unbelievable (b) Page 246 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Unbelievable Page 245 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Umpqua Trapper

Collection of Umpqua Trapper from 1965-2018, the publication of the Douglas County Historical Society. Also included is a paper index of issues from 1965-2000. Located on bottom shelf of G2, beneath SOHS magazines. 

G2 bottom shelf Direct entry
Umpqua National Forest

USDA Forest Service map (1969)                                                              More

D03 F3 Maps, Plans & Posters
UMC Awards Banquet

Banquet scene: men go to dais and receive awards from congressman / shots of people eating / closeup of stacks of plaques and awards / Girl Scouts sing on stage / man speaks at lectern / dignitaries at dais

M6B Box 10 22E/97E