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Trail, Ray

Trail, Ray

MS1269 7: 46
Train, Orin W.

160 Acres; Source provides detailed property location and size information

MS170 Over Sheriff's Sale for Delinquent Taxes
Train-Dump Truck Collision Near Gold Hill

Men stand by heavy dump truck overturned next to railroad tracks at Gold Hill quarry or cement works / closeup of damaged front of truck, pan to tracks / more of same / torn-off fender (Witham label), air filter housing

M6D Box 12 52E/97E
Train-Truck Accident, North Medford

Box car slowly being moved on railroad tracks, probably Sage Road area / closeup of dented fender and bent bumper on semi-truck / man wiggles bent grab bar on railroad car / pan across scene

M6B Box 6 18E/97E
Transparencies 1994.006.3.1 to .7 Waddingham

Transparencies 1994.006.3.1 to .7 Waddingham

Mezzanine 43 F 1 Mezzanine List
Transplants and Locals

Laurie Dahl relates moving from Minnesota to the Rogue Valley and her house hunting experience.  Colleen Landis, a local, describes her house hunting. 

979.527 M3, Our Valley, p. 98, 2015 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Transporting Fish from Medco Pond to Hatchery

Sign: "This lake is leased from Medco" / pan across muddy, empty pond / shot of dam / men seining fish from remainder of pond / closeup of fish / scooping fish into bucket / carrying fish to Oregon Game Commission tank truck / closeup of interior of More

M6A Box 3 3E/97E
Transporting Fish from Medco Pond to Hatchery

Sign: "This lake is leased from Medco" / pan across muddy, empty pond / shot of dam / men seining fish from remainder of pond / closeup of fish / scooping fish into bucket / carrying fish to Oregon Game Commission tank truck / closeup of interior of More

M6A Box 3 3E/97E
Trash Cleanup; Kids Fill Gift Bags; Safe Delivered to Jacksonville Museum

Men filling government pickup with trash / / kids fill cloth gift bags with school supplies / / small children pose for camera / safe unloaded from truck / interior, Jacksonville Museum: Mary Hanley and others open safe / spectators at doorway

M6D Box 14 54E/97E
Trash Cleanup; Tree Planting

Truck door: "City Sanitary Service" / loaded truck backs up toward camera / dump truck passes camera, dumps trash into dumpster / men pull debris from truck into dumpster--near railroad tracks, looks like McAndrews Road area, Medford / / men manhandle More

M6D Box 13 53E/97E
Travel Preparations

"Travel Preparations" from Rural Heritage magazine by Jenifer Morrissey.  Tell of journey to Crater Lake, Lake of the Woods, Huckleberry Mountain, Pelican Bay and Upper Klamath Lake by Dan & Kate Glenn; Anna Hargrove; Nellie, Glenn, Harold More

Roads-Military & Wagon Vertical File Subjects
Treasure Hunt in Jacksonville Stirs Pioneers Page 177 History Snoopin', 979.5 M55
Trenton T. "Tad" Tucker

Trenton T. "Tad" Tucker; Staff Sgt

Ashland Tidings WWII Series, p.5, 14 973.917 H: Ashland Soldiers in World War Two

Courtroom trial scene, lawyer speaking / out-of-focus closeup of lawyer / slow pan across audience /

M6F Box 14 81E/97E
Triplets at Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital

Shot of Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital / nurses with babies in incubators / closeups of babies / nurses attend babies in bassinets / still photos of mothers with newborns / exterior shot of hospital

M6B Box 17 17E/97E
Trouble at Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital

VIP at desk talking on phone in Jackson County Courthouse office--Medford Hotel visible through window / closeup of legal document / "Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital" above door, pan across facade / interior of dark hospital corridor / policeman More

M6D Box 10 50E/97E
Trouble at Thrifty Green Stamp Corp.; Rogue Valley Plywood Wood Chip Equipment; Nurses Receive Checks

Closeups of Thrifty Green Stamps books / Thrifty Green Stamps sign at building at Tenth and Front Street, "For Sale" sign on building, Medford Grocery Company building in background / front of building with handwritten sign on door "Closed Until More

M6E Box 4 58E/97E
Trouble at Tonti Station

June 10, 1971: Illinois Central No. 1 at the Chicago station is headed for trouble down the line. The train derails, but disaster preparations and simulation exercises down the line at Salem, Illinois (near Tonti, the location of the derailment) had More

Trouble on Air West Flight; Illegal Street Racing

Twin-prop Air West F27 airliner N781R landing at Medford Airport, fire engine drives to meet it / shot from moving car over driver's shoulder of runway / taxiing airliner, pan to airport control tower / Medford Police car in foreground, liner in More

M6F Box 7 74E/97E
Trowbridge Electric

MMT 1967 & 1968 advertisements, MMT article 4-28-1969

Truck Accident--Man Pinned Under Wheel

Men examine truck on its side in ravine / men pull cable from "Freeway Wrecker Service, Grants Pass" tow truck on road / righting truck / men carry stretcher into ravine / carrying unconscious driver on stretcher from ravine /

M6C Box 11 37E/97E
Truck Farm; Timber Sale; Medford Meeting

Man checks onions in field (Seven Oaks Farm?) / closeup of onions, pan down rows / checking tomatoes, pan down irrigation pipe / checking squash plants / man examines 10-foot-tall cornstalks / pounding stakes into field / closeup of farmer / / meeting More

M7A Box 7 88E/97E
Truck Highway Accident; Medford City Hall Construction; California Agricultural Highway Inspection Station

Men shovel around semitruck trailer on its side on shoulder of highway / man attaches cable to frame / / VIPs examine new Medford City Hall, under construction / telephoto shot of men at work on roof / interior: VIPs examine new furniture under More

M6E Box 8 62E/97E
Truck Mechanic with Leg Braces

Mechanics at work on engine of log truck parked on rural road / mechanic limps toward camera / closeup of braces on legs / he climbs in Steve Wilson Co. truck

M6E Box 8 62E/97E
Truck Tips Over on I-5

Oregon State Police cars and ambulance parked by side of freeway at Table Rock Road overpass, tipped over Von der Ahe Van Lines semi-truck in background, man on gurney behind ambulance / shots of scene / pans across truck, overpass / policemen examine More

M6D Box 2 42E/97E