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120 color before 1996 1 G8 C 13 SOHS Slides and Clippings
120 B&W 7/89-CP120 G8 C 15 SOHS Slides and Clippings
120 1986 3766-439 G8 C 1 SOHS Slides and Clippings
10/98-Talnet 21 A (slides G25 E 10 SOHS Slides and Clippings
Fire Crew in Woods; Britt Festival Rehearsal; East Medford Site Work; Lumbermen's Assn. Headquarters; Llamas

Pan along fire hose in woods to resting fire crew to charred woods / pan along burned tree trunk / crew breaks up smoking stump / squirting hot spot with hose / / Britt Festival conductor conducts orchestra / view over violinist's shoulder / tight More

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