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Sustaining Memberships are charged to  your credit card in monthly amounts of your choice. Sustaining memberships automatically apply to all members of your family. You may use this option to change your current membership to a sustaining membership. 





Annual Memberships are billed once each year. Benefits may apply to an individual or a family, depending on the level chosen.

If you are a current member and prefer to renew for one year, please use this link.




 Membership benefits for EVERY member:

  • The SOHS Quarterly Journal is mailed to members, and the monthly SOHS Newsletter is sent via e-mail

  • Members receive advance notice of SOHS events and volunteer opportunities

  • Members receive a discount on selected SOHS events

  • Members are given early admission to Hanley Farm's Annual Heritage Plant Sale

  • Members receive a 10% discount on purchases of books and other items in the SOHS Library

  • Various additional benefits apply, depending on membership level