Bennett Photographic Slides

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 Bennett's slides of his individual works of art are located in the Volumes 1 to 18 of the Art Notebooks.  Slides showing a few works by EB's personal artist friends (for which EB made a special descriptive file card) are included in Volume 19 of the Art Notebooks.  The remainder of EB's slides are located in the Slide Notebooks, as described in what follows.

Bennett selected about 100 of his slides and organized them under the heading of "Visual Discoveries".  Most of them were stored in a carousel, apparently for use in a slide presentation.  About 20 were stored together in a plastic sleeve.  Many of the slides had descriptions written on them, and EB also wrote some descriptive notes (not always legible).  These notes and printed images of the slides are included with the slides at the beginning of this collection.  Cross references are made from these slides to their chronological places in the full collection

The great majority of the slides were dated, mostly by the developer, but some only by EB.  These dated slides have been filed in the notebooks in chronological order, from 1942 to 1998.  The slides that were originally in carousels have been integrated in their chronological order, but they are separately identified as to their original location in one of the sets of carousels.  The slides in the 3 sets of carousels covering EB's travels in France and Italy during 1954-55 have been left in their original presentation sequence, although some are undated.  It is important to remember that the dates used for organizing these slides are those printed or impressed on each slide by the developer, which will always be subsequent to the date on which the photo was actually taken

A great many of the loose slides (those not stored in cabinet #3) are undated, and most of them do not contain any notation as to subject matter. These slides will be found beginning on page 772.   Most if not all of these slides probably date from the 40s or 50s, before developers routinely printed or impressed a date on each slide.  Many of these slides were neither given a written description nor organized into a specific category.  Indeed, many slides appeared to have been randomly jumbled together with little or no semblance of order.  An attempt has been made to organize these slides by film roll, the nature of the slide number (red, black, or impressed), the box or drawer in which they were found, and the apparent nature of the subject matter.  In the descriptions that are provided, the term "probably" indicates that a guess has been made about the location where the photo was taken.  Many of these guesses are surely in error, and researchers are urged to suggest alternatives as appropriate.  Finally, one carousel contained undated commercial slides of paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Those are filed at the very end of this collection on pages 831 and 832.

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