Grace's Visit to Rogue River Valley

This is the 16mm copy of the original 35mm film. Silent, no sound track.

For research on the film, as well as a transcription of commentary on the film by Russ Jamison, Grace Fiero and A. C. Allen, go to:

Contrary to description on can, there are no interviews, no sound on this reel. For abridged version with commentary, see SOHS Film 0975 1915 Grace's Visit to Rogue River Valley--with 1965 Commentary.mpg

Box or location: 

Media Cabinet 2

Description on can: 

G.V. 2 47:56 Original 16mm Copy from Original 35mm SILENT Except for 2 Interviews: Gracie, Allen

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A. C. Allen

Length of film: 





Black & White