Eureka Footage #1

Sound-on-film interview with Dr. Richard Ridenhour about district funding shortfall due to failure to transfer tidelands and submerged lands by state lands commission (ends abruptly) / / rest of film silent: meeting scene (including Ridenhour)  / / groundbreaking / / laughing men at lunch tables display middle fingers to cameraman / / policeman interviews man on sidewalk (out of focus) / fire engines, firemen at curb / old two-story house, pan to fire engines, firemen at work

Box or location: 

Original Not in SOHS Collection--from Charles Rice Collection

Description on can: 

Yellow Reel--"Moving Stereo Mobile Disk Jockey Service, Medford, Oregon"

Date of film creation or publication: 



Probably KVIQ Eureka

Length of film: 


Notes or comments: 

Film is dirty.


Optical sound


Black & White