Medford Fairgrounds; Jackson County Sheriff's Department; Medford Police

Pans across deserted fairgrounds buildings, Medford / pavilion with sign: "Home Economics Exhibits" / pan across Jackson County Courthouse and annex / sheriff's dispatcher at panel / sheriff's deputies schmoozing / / lap dissolve to neon sign: "Medford City Hall, Police Dept." on old city hall building, pan to fallout shelter sign and entrance / Medford police dispatcher / Medford police leave meeting room / policemen at desk

per Tam Moore, 11/5/2019:

00:27--Sheriff's dispatcher is "now Jan Sieg, married detective Carl Sieg. She went from dispatch to working in the front office, off to police academy and finished her law enforcement career as a detective working bad check and white collar crime cases. The Siegs are retired and live in Medford."

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M6D Box 12 52E/97E

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