Progress Report, 10/10/17

We’re making progress on the Fire Engine.

Brakes have been overhauled.  Radiator has been re-cored and ready to be mounted once we get the motor running.  We have poured some “Marvel Mystery Oil” in the engine and cleaned and gapped the spark plugs.  In mid-October, we’ll mend some old wiring under the hood and begin the process of getting the motor running again. 

The Voget family donated a glove box door that was missing and the paint matches almost perfectly! Many volunteers have been busy rubbing out the paint, and the fire engine is starting to look pretty good

Donations haven’t been coming in fast, but we have been fortunate to get some great ones.  Donations have reached $4000.  We still have a long way to go, so we’re still needing additional donations.

Several companies have donated parts to the project.  Sasco Fasteners donated the dozens of brass wood screws to remake the slat floors in the back.  Model A owner Phil Kessler donated the oak to remake the wood slat floors, Interstate donated a battery.  Skip Geear (of Wood House fame) found and donated a Motorola radio that was missing from the right running board.  Another Model A’er Eric Engelmann rebuilt the wood frame for the seat.   And Farrell’s Glass reproduced a missing beveled glass lens in one of the large gauges.  Many others have donated parts and labor.

To see our progress, take a look at the photos showing the fire engine when it arrived in May and how it appears now.We are documenting this journey on the SOHS website at  Please check there frequently for updates.    And please feel free to share this with others. 

Rick Black—541-499-1356

Ben Truwe—541-773-8369


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