Gold Mines to Woodland Trails

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Also in Ashland Library the following Wednesday

A group of community volunteers came together 26 years ago and established one of the most successful land preservation projects in Oregon. Larry Smith will share the story of how the Jacksonville Woodlands Association stitched together 21 historic properties and established 16 miles of trails - all within its National Historic Landmark City. The Jacksonville trail system preserves some of the most historic gold mining sites in the state. Each property has its own unique story of how the parcels came into public ownership. Smith will also share how his students played a part in establishing Jacksonville’s Woodlands Park and Trail System. 


Larry Smith was raised on a small family farm in Phoenix, Oregon. Agraduate of Phoenix High School, Smith earned an engineering degree from LeTourneau University, Texas and a BS and Masters in Elementary Education from Southern Oregon University. Smith taught fifth and sixth graders at Jacksonville Elementary School for 33 years, where he developed a number of outdoor education programs. He currently works as a substitute teacher for the Medford School District, and leads student field trips to Crater Lake National Park and to the goldmines of Historic Jacksonville. For over 20 summers Smith worked as a National Park Ranger at Crater Lake National Park. He is the Winter Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of Crater Lake and serves as the Executive Director of the Jacksonville Woodlands Association.

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