Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Also in Ashland on September 11

The devastating floods of the winter of 1964 altered life in the Rogue Valley permanently. As numerous times before, the Rogue River lived up to its name as a dangerous river that would take lives and destroy structures and property. The 'powers that be' determined that something had to be done. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers set a plan in motion to construct three major, earthen dams to provide flood control on the Rogue, the Applegate, and Elk Creek. During the 1970s and into the 80s the dams that created Lost Creek Lake, Applegate Lake, and Elk Creek Lake were well underway. The dams at Lost Creek Lake and Applegate Lake were completed, providing flood relief. However, the project at Elk Creek languished. Protests, lawsuits, and court injunctions over the loss of habitat stalled the process. The dam was nearly completed and then work stopped in its tracks. Three dams were built, but only two operate. To this day, many mourn the loss of communities and wild river sections, wondering, do we really need these dams?

Join Author Dennis Ellingson with Larry Sweem, who will talk about the construction of the dams, and USCofAE  Ranger Joya Szalwinski, who will discuss current issues and flood control.

Dennis Ellingson lives in the Upper Rogue and is the author of eleven books, including the popular title, The Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake. He is currently working on the second part of this series: The Lost Villages of Elk Creek & the Doomed Dam.

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