Vertical File organizing subject headings

There are various cleaning and updating projects that need to be done in the Vertical Files. 


Linda Kreisman has come across the following subject headings that she thinks ought to be reorganized or re-arranged, and the following problems:


--some of vertical files are out of order. The heading and subheading category makes alphabetizing confusing .For example, "Medford, Oregon--Hotels" could go under "Medford, Oregon--businesses" or just on its own. 

--Finding a business can bec onfsuing because you have to look for both the type (eg "hotel") and the proper name "eg Parkview Hotel" in "Medford Businesses H-L" file

LARGE files that should be re-organized:

-Medford History
-Medford water supply
-Motion pictures
Artists A-L and M-Z should be indexed
-"Music" VF should be indexed
-"Jackson County Social Services" should be indexed
-"women" should be updated-- we have a folder for "women, agriculture," "women, employment," "women, misc," "women, politics," "women, social organizations," "women, crime" . First of all, should we keep these categories? IF so, they need to be reflected in mega index and paper index
-SOU, SOSC & SOC files need to be separated
-fruit culture
-"Maps" needs to be re-evaluated. Do we want a maps VF
-"cemeteries" should be separated



various projects, duties vary

Assigned To: 

Alice Mulally
Linda Kreisman


In Process