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Automobile on Siskiyou Boulevard in Ashland. Rear view of auto driving south on Siskiyou Boulevard. Ashland (Or.)

ca. 1911 G35 D 7 Scanned

Papoose and Native American woman. Toddler on cradle board with leather wrap and beads; papoose on plank sidewalk, leaning against a tree, partial view of woman steadying papoose from behind. Klamath County (Or.)

G39 B 1A Scanned

Buggy at Hillcrest Orchard. Reginald Parsons driving buggy in front of original packing house at Hillcrest Orchards; horse team identified as "Babe" and "Beauty". Medford (Or.)

1911-1912 G38 E 5 Scanned

Blacksmith shop in Eagle Point. Blacksmith and wagon shop of Henry O. Childreth, with Childrith, W. L. (or Henry?) and Fisher, George. Eagle Point (Or.) (see also negative # 10716)

1909 G33 A 1; G36 C 1 Scanned

Apple packing at Olwell's Snowy Butte Orchards. Mostly women, a few men packing apples in large barn-like room; cart loaded with boxes of apples in center. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1900 G38 E 6 Scanned

Shasta Indian woman and two men. Two unidentified men and full-blood Native American woman identified as Rose Ampter, Shasta Indian

ca 1912 G39 B 1A Scanned

Camping in Lithia Park. Canvas-covered screened cabins, three women seated, R. P. Neil and Ida Hargrove on right; touring car in foreground. Note back of photo: 'Camping in Lithia Park (Chautauqua)' and "Orig. from Newton DeHaven Album'. Ashland (Or...

1911 G39 B 5; G42 D 8 Scanned

Steamboat School with pupils and teacher. Eight children and teacher posed in front of log schoolhouse. Identified on back of photo: Lewis, Nettie (teacher); Culy, A. Branch; Culy, C. Naldrett; Shearer, Dan; Shearer, Lucy; Culy, Lora; Culy, Frank O...

Loosly, Frank; Loosly, Harold. Applegate Area (Or.) 1903 G33 A 3; G35 D 3; G50 A 2 Scanned

Lumber yard at entrance of Lithia Park. Road into lumber yard; piles of cut lumber; Orlie Rush with wagon load of lumber. Ashland (Or.)

1909-10 G38 F 5 Scanned

Hunter's camp. Two hunters with rifles, deer carcasses hung in hunting camp, sod-roofed cabin; Bill Mitchell and Fred Neil (or O'Neil). Jackson County (Or.) (see also negative # 7687)

G39 B 7 Scanned

Butte Falls businesses. Wheeler and Claspill Groceries along with pool hall and confectionery decorated with patriotic bunting several days after the Fourth of July; photo take July 7, 1911. Identified on back of photo: Stan Spencer, Scott Claspill...

Walter O'Brien, Capril Jones, Chas. Obenchain, unidentified, Bill Chambers, Emerson Wheeler, two unidentified, Lou Jones, George Jones, Lewis Dooms, Mrs. Dooms, Troy Dooms, Dog Dooms, Ira Tungate. Butte Falls (Or.) 1911 G36 B 1 Scanned

Logging with horse-drawn big wheels. Men working with horse-drawn big wheels

G38 E 9 Scanned

Pear packing at Eden Valley Orchard. Mostly women, a few men packing pears in large barn-like room with heavy square timber posts. Eden Valley, established by J. H. Stewart, was one of the first commercial fruit orchards in the Rogue Valley.

Medford Area (Or.) ca. 1900 G38 E 6; G45 C 4 Scanned

Pear packing at Eden Valley Orchard. Men and women in packing house, man with hat and beard identified as J. H. Stewart; 'FRUIT PACKING HOUSE AT THE Eden Valley Orchards, Medford, Ore.' printed on photo. Eden Valley, established by J. H. Stewart,

was one of the first commercial fruit orchards in the Rogue Valley. Medford Area (Or.) ca. 1900 G38 E 6; G45 C 4 Scanned

Bardwell Fruit Company rail car loading dock. Side elevation of building next to railroad tracks, boxes stacked on dock, box car on tracks, building sign reads 'BARDWELL FRUIT COMPANY, STEWART FRUIT CO. DISTRIBUTORS'. Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1921 G38 E 6 Scanned

Packing pears at Bardwell Fruit Company. Interior view, men and women packing pears. Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1921 G38 E 6 Scanned

Truck next to Alta Vista packing house. Loaded truck parked at loading dock, people standing on dock. Some references refer to Ala Vista instead of Alta Vista. Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1920 G38 E 6 Scanned

Jennings family herding cattle. Paul and Louis Jennings (boys) on horses to left, Ralph Jennings (father) on horse to right; cattle, trees, mountainside in background. Ralph Jennings, Jackson County sheriff 1925-1933; incumbent candidate in 1932

election targeted by Good Government Congress insurgency resulting in stolen ballots and constable George Prescott's murder. Applegate Area (Or.) ca. 1920 G38 D 4 Scanned

Hauling a log with horses. Rear view of two horses pulling log; skid team driver at the reins; logging road in forest

G38 E 8 Scanned

Jacksonville schoolroom. Students seated at their desks; A.M. Starry, teacher, standing in rear of classroom. Jacksonville (Or.)

G37 A 3; G50 F 2 Scanned

Central Point baseball team. Baseball team posed. Identified on back of photo: back row: Ralph Beal, Tom Carson, Tom Pankey, Tyson Beall, Jay Purkeypile, Bill Carson, Jim Grieve; front row: Jim Messner, Jim Peart, Joe Boswell, Clark Rippey.

Central Point (Or.) 1899 G33 E 6; G39 B 8 Scanned

Chinese man with Sammy and Jennie Loy Wah Chung. Seated Chinese man holding Sammy Wah Chung, Jennie Loy Wah Chung standing; probably Wah Chung residence, 2nd and A Streets, Ashland. Ashland (Or.)

G39 A 9 Scanned

Oliver Applegate and Joaquin Miller at Crater Lake National Park. Two bearded men, Oliver Applegate (left), Joaquin Miller (rt), on camp stools in front of white tent; forested background. On front of photo: ' CAPTAIN APPLEGATE AND JOAQUIN MILLER -...

STEEL'S CRATER LAKE EXCURSION, 1903'. Crater Lake National Park (Or.) 1903 G39 C 4 Scanned

Bears at Crater Lake National Park. Two women and man watching second man feed bear; one standing bear, one on all fours; 1920's automobile, wooded background. Crater Lake National Park (Or.)

ca. 1925 G39 C 4 Scanned

High Evans' Paint and Wallpaper Store. Interior of store; l-r: A.D. Helman, Wm. Kentnor, H.C. Evans. Ashland (Or.)

G33 A 3; G35 E 7 Scanned

Rogue River Valley Railroad cars draped with Neuber's Gold Bricks baseball team banners. Jacksonville baseball team excursion train; team members and fans next to train. Jacksonville (Or.)

1904 G39 B 8 Scanned

Klamath Indian Agency telephone office. People in front of white wood-frame building; Mrs. H.G. Wilson with package; Mr. E.C. Swartzlander with white vest. Klamath County (Or.)

1905 G39 B 1A Scanned

Stanley Pedro at Klamath Indian Agency. Man on horse, identified as Stanley Pedro; photo taken February 1907, given to Klamath Indian Agency Superintendent H. G. Wilson. Klamath County (Or.)

1907 G39 B 1A Scanned

Robinson children at Klamath Indian Agency. Merle and Leslie Robinson on steps of Klamath Indian Agency building. Klamath county (Or.)

1907 G39 B 1A Scanned

Duck shoot at Klamath Indian Reservation. Reservation Superintendent H.G. Wilson, W.J. Barclay, Dr. Guittard with rifles and dog, geese strung on pole. On front of photo: 'One Hour's Shooting: Klamath Res. Oreg.' Klamath County (Or.)

1909 G39 B 7 Scanned

Nicholson Hardware. Hardware store interior; behind counter, front to back: Doc Butler, unidentified, Hal Platt; customer unidentified. Medford (Or.)

c. 1910 G37 D 2 Scanned

Women's drinking party. Women panning for the camera, drinking, playing cards. Oregon, Southern

G39 B 4 Scanned

Deer hunters. Elmo Throckmorton, Jim Grub in buckboard; antlers or deer carcass tied on back with supplies. Applegate Area (Or.)

G39 B 7 Scanned

Steamboat Post Office. Three people posed in front of building with Steamboat Post Office sign. Applegate Area (Or.)

ca. 1925 G35 D 3 Scanned

Millrace at Butte Falls sawmill. Millrace in front of pine trees, dam and wood frame buildings at left; Bert Harris, founder of Butte Falls and owner of mill, with his three children on a bridge. On front of photo: 'MILL RACE AT BUTTE FALLS SAW MILL...

Butte Falls (Or.) ca. 1905 G36 B 1 Scanned

Southern Pacific passenger train leaving Ashland

c. 1915 G39 F 1 Scanned

Colvig, Helen and another woman seated at small square table playing cards. Oregon, Southern

G39 B 4; G45 C 5 Scanned

Hydraulic mining near Talent. Men, women, children watching hydraulic mining; water flowing from wooden flume to left; water gushing from nozzle attached to long pipeline; children standing on pile of rock rubble (tailings) in center of photo;

people sitting on bank ledge. Talent Area (Or.) G38 F 7 Scanned

Gold Hill businesses. View of what is now 4th Street; Gold Hill Hotel in foreground with men in front; identified as Main Street on front of photograph. Gold Hill (Or.)

ca. 1912 G36 C 2; G39 F 4 Scanned

Steam donkey. Steam donkey with cable running off spool; two men stand at side, one man at cable spool. On back of photo: 'Logging, Possibly Siskiyou Co. Calif.' California, Northern

G38 E 8 Scanned

George Schanz at mine entrance. George Schanz leaning on filled ore cart at timbered mine entrance; sign overhead 'NO ADMITTANCE APPLY AT OFFICE'. Oregon, Southern

G38 F 6 Scanned

Two women in hammock. Bertha Lewis Keegan and Maude Byron (Burns) at Dead Indian Soda Springs. Jackson County (Or.)

G31 E 3; G33 A 4 Scanned

Railroad car at Ashland Depot. Unidentified woman, Charles Couch and George Griffin on rail car at Ashland Depot; taken July 4, 1888. On back of photo by Charles Couch: 'We managed to get orders at the summit to take a locomotive and a box car into...

Ashland. We rounded up all the girls, put the boxes in the car to sit on, and the crew of the work train took us to Ashland.'. Ashland (Or.) 1888 G36 A 3 Scanned

Steam tractor pulling ore cars. Iron-wheeled steam tractor pulling seven loaded ore cars on dirt road; man sitting on front wheel, man sitting on first ore load, two men standing at wheels; hilly, wooded area. On back of photo: 'Train going to

Braden Stamp Mill, Near Gold Hill, Blackwell Road area'. Gold Hill Area (Or.) G38 F 6; G40 A 3 Scanned

Braden Mine and stamp mill site with Coffman, Oren. Wood shack with tin roof and shutters; excavated area for stamp mill in front; men and horses in excavated area. On front of photo: 'Excavating to Install New Mill Braden Mine Gold Hill Ore'.

Gold Hill area (Or.) 1915 G38 F 6 Scanned

Braden Mine stamp mill interior. Boggus, Al, and Coffman, Mert standing by lower portion of ten-stamp mill. Gold Hill area (Or.)

1912 G38 F 6 Scanned

Trench digger. Probably a Buckeye ditcher for digging trenches. Jackson County (Or.) [claims to be negative # 3266, but description does not match the image on that negative]

ca. 1910 G40 A 3 Scanned

Ore mill in Ashland. Back side of wood-sided stamp mill with slag pile; men standing in three doors at top of pile; fire-tube boiler and stacked wood at base of pile. Front of mill faced Helman Street. Ashland (Or.)

ca. 1898 G36 A 2 Scanned

Skidding logs with logging arch. Bulldozer pulling logging arch mounted on crawler tracks; arch carrying large log; Wes Bagley in driver's seat; wooded background. Butte Falls Area (Or.)

c. 1938 G38 E 8 Scanned

Six-horse team pulling harrow at Dorich Ranch. Dora Dorich Smith on horse behind harrow and horses. On back on photo: 'Mom on horse (Tony) with cat near Talent, Or. Spring 1937'. Talent (Or.) (The scanned version of this image is numbered 3469)

1937 G38 B 3 Scanned