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Oil well. One of first oil derricks in Jackson County; located in Fern Valley area on property owned by either the Fern family or the Alford family. Phoenix-Talent Area (Or.)

ca. 1905 G39 A 2; G45 B 4 Scanned

Gold Ray Dam construction. Construction site, log deck at forefront; men and women on river edge and hillside. On back of photo: 'Ika Housholder hauled logs in this picture'. Gold Hill Area (Or.)

1903-04 G33 A 4; G39 D 5 Scanned

Reginald Parsons House at Hillcrest Orchard. Newly constructed two-story house flanked by oak trees and young orchard trees in front. Frank Clark designed house constructed ca. 1916 to replace first house. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1916 G38 E 5 Scanned

Old sprayer (1918 vintage)

1935 G38 E 4 Scanned

Crop duster over Barnum orchard. Biplane spraying pesticide over orchard. Jackson County (Or.) (Scanned image is numbered 3504, but this is the fourth of five images with that number)

1935 G38 E 4 Scanned

Barnum, Bud; Berthold, ?; and another man with spray rig in orchard

1935 G38 E 4 Scanned

Japanese 'houseboy' employed by orchardist, Conro Fiero. The Fiero estate, originally named Woodlawn, became the Mon Desir restaurant; destroyed by fire, 2010. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1914 G39 B 2 Scanned

Japanese family; Two Japanese women and child identified as family of Japanese 'houseboy' employed by orchardist Conro Fiero. The Fiero estate, originally named Woodlawn became the Mon Desir restaurant. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1914 G39 B 2 Scanned

Orchard at Woodlawn Acres. Fiero, Conro and man and woman in orchard. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1910 G33 A 4 Scanned

Woodlawn Acres Orchard. Conro Fiero standing in his orchard; view looks down on treetops. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1910 G38 E 4 Scanned

Original house and outbuildings at Hillcrest Orchard. Two-story house with dormer on left, barn in center, portion of packing house on far right; mowed field in foreground; Roxy Ann Peak in background. Reginald Parsons bought Hillcrest land in 1908...

used estate as a summer home; original house replaced by existing Frank Clark designed house ca. 1916. Medford (Or.) 1909 G38 E 5 Scanned

Loading wagon at Hillcrest Orchard. Two men loading boxes into plank-sided wagon; wagon hitched to horses in front of building. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1915 G38 E 5 Scanned

Women in buggy at Hillcrest Orchard. Mother of Reginald Parsons, on right, with her nurse in buggy at Hillcrest Orchard; landscape shows open land, maybe very small orchard trees in background. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1910 G38 E 5 Scanned

Autos at Hillcrest Orchard. Two touring cars full of men in front of Hillcrest barn. Medford (Or.)

1912 G38 E 5 Scanned

Road approaching Hillcrest Orchard. Young orchards on both sides of dirt road, tennis court on left, house and barn in distance. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1916 G38 E 5 Scanned

Spray rig at Hillcrest Orchard. Side view of spray rig hitched to horse, rig in front of barn, man on rig. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1913 G38 E 5 Scanned

Hillcrest Orchard view. Panoramic view of young orchard, house and outbuildings at center right in photograph. Photo taken prior to construction of tennis court. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1916 G38 E 5 Scanned

Outbuilding at Hillcrest Orchard. Three-story white building with dark trim; group of workers standing in frontBunkhouse no longer standing; identified: Guy Garrett, James Daily, unidentified, N. A. Walton, B. W. Helberling (?), Earl Miller,

Jim Anderson, W. (?) Vincent, Orland (?) Vincent, Mrs. Vincent, Delbert Smith, Velma Armstrong, Oscar Stinson, Hugh Wassard (?), C. A. Baker, unidentified. Medford (Or.) ca. 1915 G38 E 5 Scanned

Lug wagon at Hillcrest Orchard. Side view of lug wagon; open-sided wagon designed to hold three tiers of lug boxes. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1915 G38 E 5 Scanned

Pear picking at Hillcrest Orchard. Over a dozen men in orchard with lug wagon loaded with boxes, some men on ground, some on ladders. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1915 G38 E 5 Scanned

W.A. Folger home interio. Interior of W.A. Folger home on 1222 West Main Street. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1915 G37 E 8 Scanned

William Colvig home interior. William Colvig (often called 'Judge') was lawyer and district attorney; youngest son, Vance DeBar (Pinto) Colvig was voice of Disney's Goofy and original Bozo the Clown; family moved from Jacksonville to Medford in 1906...

Jacksonville (Or.) ca. 1900 G36 F 4 Scanned

Flour mill at Ashland. Three-story wood frame building with gambrel roof, forested hills in background. Flour mill building on Plaza in Ashland built 1854. Ashland (Or.)

ca. 1860 G36 A 2 Scanned

Camping trip to Crater Lake National Park. "Good Morning", 8-1913. Campsite with tent and tethered horse in background; wooden water trough; with: Stratton, Gertha, Grandma, Lorena, Lowell, Rena, Charlie, Albert. Crater Lake National Park (Or.)

1913 G39 C 4 Scanned

Camping at Crater Lake National Park. "The Food Wagon", 8-1913. Two women standing in front of covered wagon; canvas extends from wagon cover to make lean-to kitchen. Women identified as cooks Bertha Welsh and Mattie Bishop. Crater Lake National Park...

1913 G39 C 4 Scanned

Camping at Crater Lake National Park. "Camp", 8-1913. Men, women, and children at camp table; woman and girl cooking at campstove with tall stovepipe chimney; covered wagon with hay bales protruding at center; buggy and harnessed horse at right;

wooded campsite. Crater Lake National Park (Or.) 1913 G39 C 4 Scanned

Apple picking at Wilfey orchard. Men, women, children in orchard; two men on ladders. Identified on back: Bessie Lord, Lola Roberts, Mrs. Natwick, Ernestine Dahack, Vic Dahack (in box), Grace Dahack, Mr. Hickox, Mr. Wilfey, Eli Dahack (in tree),

Mrs. Hickox, Nora Mathews. Eagle Point Area (Or.) 1918 G38 E 4 Scanned

Pond at Sterling Mine. Pond with water spilling in from creek; wooden walkway along left side with four Indian(?) children; wooden flume on right side of pond; one person sitting on bank near spillway; mountainous, wooded background. Applegate Area (...

G35 D 4; G38 F 7 Scanned

Ski racers. Men on skis. From back of photo: 'Racers posed in 1930 for publicity shot - taken at the entrance to Crater Lake Nat. Park. Jack Nichols and John Day in photo'. Crater Lake National Park (Or.)

1930 G39 B 8 Scanned

Jump Basket Dance at Pecwan. Men from Hupa (Hoopa) or Yurok tribe dressed for Jump Basket Dance; headdress made of white deerskin decorated with Redheaded Woodpecker scalps; celebration at Yurok village of Pecwan; man on extreme left identified as...

Frank Wood. Humboldt County (Ca.) G39 B 1A Scanned

Vining Theater interior. Interior of theater from stage; main floor and balcony with people. Theater built by Bob and Irving Vining, opened May 14, 1914. Ashland

1914 G33 A 4; G36 A 3 Scanned

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company construction equipment. Equipment on truck flatbed used in construction of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. lines

c. 1923 G39 A 2; G44 B 4 Scanned

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company camp. Temporary quarters for construction crews

c. 1923 G39 A 2; G44 B 4 Scanned

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph mobile shelters. Box cars or trailer units probably used for housing Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. workers

c. 1923 G39 A 2; G44 B 4 Scanned

Sawmill at Butte Falls. Sawmill at side of Butte Falls, water spills from mill to river; houses on top of hill. On front of photo: 'BUTTE FALLS SAW MILL AND FALLS 44 Ft. HEAD POWER USED'; Also noted: 'WHERE B.H. HARRIS WAS GUSHED FROM PLATFORM AND...

WASHED OVER FALLS'. Butte Falls (Or.) (SEE ALSO negative # 2822) ca. 1905 G36 B 1 Scanned

Wagner Soda Springs. Woman and children on bridge over Emigrant Creek (Elizabeth Wagner girl in middle); shed and bottling shack to right; man holding child in front of shed; girl on horse in creek. Ashland Area (Or.)

ca. 1898 G38 B 7 Scanned

Pruning at Hillcrest Orchard. Men, some on ladders, some on ground with long-handled pruning shears; bare branches on trees. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1915 G38 E 5 Scanned

Car on Diamond Lake Road. Car on muddy road; Mt. Thielsen. Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1923 G40 A 1 Scanned

Unloading fruit trees at Medford railroad depot. Loading baled fruit trees onto horse-drawn wagons from railroad freight cars. On front of photo: 'Unloading 100,000 Fruit Trees at Medford Ore. Shipment from Woodburn Nurseries. L.E. Hoover, Agt .

'Identified on back as 'Team from 401 Orchard (Pickel Orchard)'. Medford (Or.) c. 1910 G39 F 4; G45 B 2 Scanned

Echo School lunch. Homer Blevins, Walter Blevins and Chester Carter at the table preparing for one of the first hot lunches in Jackson County. On back of photo: 'Echo School on Poor Man's Creek south of Jacksonville. First hot lunches in Jackson...

prepared by the boys. Materials brought from home. Alma Meyer, teacher …' (In 1917 the Extension Service Home Demonstration Agent implemented a similar hot lunch program in 30 Jackson County schools.). Jackson County 1914 G35 D 2 Scanned

Lithia Springs water works. Concrete or marble block-shaped structure with pyramid tile roof; bridge over creek; rock wall in foreground; open fields and hills in background. On front of photo: 'City Lithia Spring Ashland Oregon.' Ashland (Or.)

(see also negative # 2237) G36 A 7 Scanned

Rose Parade in Grants Pass. Automobiles decorated with fresh flowers and greenery parade down the main street; 'Grants Pass Commercial Club' stamped on back. A rose and flower festival organized by the Grants Pass Commercial Club and the club's

Ladies Auxiliary was held June 26, 1908. According to plans, the exhibition was to be held at the Coliseum skating rink and include an automobile parade. Grants Pass (Or.) 1908 G33 A 4; G38 C 5 Scanned

Jacksonville baseball team, 1877 Oregon champions. Identified by numbers written on photograph: 1. Henry Klippel, 2. Henry Kubli, 3. unidentified, 4. E. Wilkinson, 5. Don Short, 6. Charles Howard, 7. unidentified,

8. Fred Cronemiller, 9. Henry Mensor, 10. Mensor. Jacksonville (Or.) 1877 G37 A 4 Scanned

Tub Springs. Three people standing by rock work around Tub Springs; 'TUB SPRINGS DRINKING WATER' sign in center; portion of automobile to left; forest in background. Green Springs Area (Or.)

ca. 1925 G33 D 7; G38 B 7 Scanned

Stage to Crescent City. Old Crescent City stage at top of Hays Hill west of Grants Pass; three men on top of stagecoach, Butte Falls resident Joe Spencer on right; man inside identified as Beveridge, an engineer on Pacific & Eastern Railway.

Grants Pass Area (Or.) c. 1911 G40 A 5 Scanned

Ashland Natatorium. Ashland Mineral Springs Natatorium; sulphur baths. Ashland (Or.)

G35 E 8 Scanned

Steamer Winema at Pelican Bay. Paddlewheel boat docked; people posed on three decks, members of brass band on top deck; On front of photo: 'STEAMER WINEMA, PELICAN BAY, KLAMATH CO. ORE.' Klamath County (Or.)

ca. 1907 G33 A 4; G38 C 7 Scanned

Pear picking at Weeks and Orr Orchard. Men on ladders picking pears; Orr, Eugene M. (killed in a hay-loft fall) on ground, center left; Weeks, Alfred, center right; Orr, Bert, behind, standing on horse. Weeks and Orr were among earliest orchardists...

Rogue Valley. Medford Area (Or.) c. 1895 G33 A 1; G38 E 4 Scanned

Planing mill. Long building of weathered boards and broken windows; cut lumber in side shed and foreground. Sign on roof: 'PLANING MILL'. Ashland (Or.)

G36 A 2 Scanned

Old Holcom Mill on Ashland Creek. Creek side mill with waterwheel; three women on rocky creek bank; trees and brush background. Mill owned by Mr. Holcom; on front of photo: 'OLD MILL IN ASHLAND CANYON'. Ashland (Or.)

1886 G33 A 4; G36 A 2; G36 A 7 Scanned