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Central Point street scene. View looking east down Pine Street from Front; horse-drawn wagons on dirt street; bridge over creek left foreground; identified as Main St. on front of photograph. Central Point (Or.)

G36 B 3 Scanned

Steam donkey at Sterling Mine. Steam donkey billowing smoke, wooden barrels on left, wood trash pile in foreground, four harnessed horses on right; three men standing in front, one man standing on log to right of equipment. Applegate Area (Or.)

G35 D 4 Scanned

Railroad roundhouse in Ashland. Engine on turntable in front of Ashland roundhouse. On front of photo: 'View of Round House from R.R. Hotel Balcony, Ashland Ore.'Oregon and California Railroad. Ashland (Or.)

1888 G39 E 5; G50 B 4 Scanned

Central Point baseball team. Baseball team posed with equipment. Identified on back of photo: Standing (l-r) Harry Beal, Fred Farra, Homer Peart, _______ Clark, 'Cottie' Clifford Pleasant, James Grieve (manager); Kneeling: Ward Hopkins,

Toots Shipley Ross, Ben Peart, 'Monk' _______ Clark; Ground: Bridean Sanderson, J. Goodpasture, Jimmie Ross. Central Point (Or.) (see also negative # 7944) 1906 G36 B 4; G39 B 8 Scanned

James Grieve, Central Point baseball player. James Grieve in uniform seated near house. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1899 G39 B 8 Scanned

Woman on skis, Woman on cross-country skis with pole; camp cabins

G39 B 8 Scanned

Miner and burro. Man standing outside doorway leading burro on rope; wood plank building. On back of photo: 'Old Miner Billy with Billy Burrow [sic] at unidentified mine'. Oregon, Southern

G38 F 6 Scanned

Deer hunting with horses. Frazer, Watson, Wampler with deer carcasses tied to pack animals

G39 B 7 Scanned

Central Point YMCA. Exterior of YMCA building; unidentified men gathered on porch; on front of photo: 'Y.M.C.A, BUILDING, CENTRAL POINT, ORE.' Central Point (Or.)

G36 B 3 Scanned

Road into Prospect. Tree lined roadway; Prospect Hotel in background; on front of photo: 'Entering Prospect Ore.' Prospect (Or.)

ca. 1925 G38 A 4; G39 F 4 Scanned

Car on road to Crater Lake along Rogue River. Hall, Seely with his taxi taking 3 men to Crater Lake on dirt road along Rogue River; 'for hire' sign on side of car; wooded background. On front of photo: ' ALONG ROGUE RIVER ON CRATER LAKE ROAD'.

Oregon, Southern 1914 G39 C 4; G40 A 1 Scanned

Car on road to Crater Lake. Hall, Seely with his taxi taking 3 men to Crater Lake along rutted road through stand of large trees; 'for hire' sign on side of car; silhouettes of two or three men inside car. On front of photo: 'ON CRATER LAKE ROAD'....

Oregon, Southern 1914 G39 C 4 Scanned

Women working on Ashland Plaza with wheel barrows, wagons, implements; on front of photo: 'Work on Plaza Early Day Ashland, Ore.' Ashland (Or.)

ca. 1905 G35 D 8; G50 A 2 Scanned

Packing shed at Weeks and Orr Orchard. Orr, Eugene, men and women near packing shed; orchard behind shed, barn to right; wagons and boxes filled with Howell Pears from Eden Valley Orchards in front. Weeks and Orr were among earliest orchardists

in Rogue Valley; later part of Bear Creek Orchard; hand written on front 'Weeks and Orr Bear Creek Orchard 1895. 'Medford Area (Or.) 1985 G38 E 4; G50 D 3 Scanned

Ashland in flood; 1-5-1948

1948 G38 B 5 Scanned

Rogue River Valley Railway motor car with passengers. Gasoline powered motor car approaching Perrydale Avenue station. On front of photo: 'ROAD OWNED AND OPERATED BY ONE FAMILY'. Rogue River Valley Railway, five-mile shortline connected Jacksonville...

Medford; operated 1891-1925, much of that time owned and operated as family business by William Barnum. Medford (Or.) G37 E 4 Scanned

Monroe Gorden home and Beagle Post Office. Men, women, and children posed on porch of Monroe Gorden home. Identified from left to right: Milly, Matty, Bessie, Olly, Sarah (holding grandchild Elsie Wilhite), Clara, Sam, and Monroe Gorden (holding

Bessie's son Alvin Case). Beagle Post Office was located in a small converted room in the barn at left where Gordens were caretakers; community of Beagle was displaced when Camp White established during World War II. Antioch Area (Or.) 1912 G38 A 8 Scanned

Apple packing at Olwell's Snowy Butte Orchards. Eleven women packing apples, three men watching; huge apple bins on right side of barn-like room, boxes in middle of building. On front of photo: 'Packing Newton Apples for the London Market at OLWELL...

BROTHERS' SNOWY BUTTE ORCHARDS, Central Point, Oregon, U.S.A.'. Central Point (Or.) ca. 1900 G38 E 6 Scanned

Gun Club with 'Lady Shooters'. Shooting park of the Medford Rod and Gun Club; with: Young, Mrs. E. E.; Snyder, Mrs. C. D.; Holmes, Mrs. Webster; with rifles at skeet shoot held September 22-23, 1905; five men with rifles and other men observing shoot...

Medford Rod and Gun Club leased land on I. J. Phipps property east of Bear Creek to establish a shooting park in 1893. 'Sporting Life' article, September 25, 1909, reported the park was located on a large open prairie northeast of town on edge of an 1905 G37 C 2 Scanned

Oil drilling near Roxy Ann Peak. Drilling equipment; two workers; flume. Medford Area (Or.)

G39 A 2 Scanned

Savage Rapids Dam. Dam from south to north with real estate sign in foreground. On sign: 'SAVAGE RAPIDS IRRIGATION DAM, WATER FOR 16,000 ACRES OF RICH LAND SURROUNDING THE CITY OF GRANTS PASS, PEARS, APPLES, GRAPES, ALFALFA, CHEAP LAND, SETTLERS...

GRANTS PASS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE'. Grants Pass Area (Or.) G39 D 5 Scanned

Bird's-eye view of Camp White. Aerial view of Camp White. White City (Or.)

ca. 1943 G39 A 6 Scanned

Group picnic. Large group picnicking in wooded area; Note on back of photo: 'Kingsbury Soda Springs'

ca. 1900 G39 B 5 Scanned

Ashland Woolen Mill. End and front of mill building; 18 double hung sash windows across front, 7 windows on end; leafless trees; men and women in front. Constructed 1867, burned 1900. Ashland (Or.)

G36 A 2; G50 B 4 Scanned

Ashland street scene. View from the veranda of The Hotel Oregon; 'Where Palm and Pine Tree Meet'. Ashland (Or.)

c. 1915 G35 D 7 Scanned

Nicholson family and friends at Camp Nick. Men and women seated under canvas canopy in woods; area furnished with rugs, table, chairs, bed, and hammock

Ethel Curry, Ivy Beck are in photo, also "Aunt Grace", Sue (see photo) ca.1910 G39 B 5 Scanned

Dredger in river. Steam-powered dredger in middle of river; flat-roofed cabin on barge with dredger, clothes hanging on line; men on barge or flat-bottom boat attached to far side of dredger; boom hoisting large bucket from water; forested hill

far side of river G38 F 7 Scanned

Sunnyside coal mine operation. Mine entrance with building to right; four men standing in front; track with crossing planks and ore car in front; horses pulling wagon with driver on left; horses and loaded wagon on right with two men; leafless trees...

hillside backgound. On front of photo: 'SUNNYSIDE COAL MINE MEDFORD, ORE, APRIL 5-09' and 'MEDFORD COAL MINES'. Medford (Or.); 4-5-1909 1909 G38 F 6; G45 D 2 Scanned

Freight wagons in Ashland. Two covered freight wagons on unpaved Ashland street; man beside wagon Identified as Jack True in Ashland; 6-1884. Ashland (Or.)

1884 G33 A 4; G40 A 9 Scanned

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company truck and equipment. Equipment for installing telephone equipment on Lozier Lane. Medford Area (Or.)

ca. 1916 G39 B 8 Scanned

Copco Dam. Powerhouse in foreground with dam and incomplete wooden structure across Klamath River. Hornbrook Area (Ca.)

ca. 1923 G39 D 5 Scanned

Man in auto with deer. Steele, J. Edward in touring car with three deer in back; E.K. Anderson's town house at 344 E. Main Street, in background. Ashland (Or.)

G39 B 7 Scanned

Hillcrest Orchard view. Panoramic view of young orchard, horse-drawn carriage on road through orchard; barns and outbuildings in far distance. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1916 G38 E 5 Scanned

Plowing at Hillcrest Orchard. Man sitting on harrow driving four-horse team; horses identified: "Captain", "Major", "Colonel", "General". Medford (Or.)

1911 G38 E 5 Scanned

Mule team at Hillcrest Orchard. Man in corral holding tether attached to four-mule team chained together. Medford (Or.)

1912 G38 E 5 Scanned

Ashland Woolen Mill. Interior, machinery and equipment, spools of wool; three men. Constructed 1867, burned 1900. Ashland (Or.)

ca. 1895 G36 A 2 Scanned

Men on snow shoes. Men with dog snow shoeing in Mt. Ashland area. Ashland Area (Or.)

1920s G39 B 8; G50 D 1 Scanned

George Maddox with pistol and rifle. Short statured black man with dwarfism; unclear if he is hunting or posing; note on back says 'George…Maddox hunting with Jack Crump who lived in Sterlingville and Applegate Area.'Maddox, known as 'Little George...

shoeshinner at Slusser Barber Shop, Medford, Or.; known for 'rollicking laugh,' a faithful churchgoer, vivid storyteller. Applegate area (Or.) ca. 1925 G39 B 2 Scanned

Children's dance troupe. Young dancers in costume; notation on back of photograph: 'Cake Walk, Medford Dance Hall'. Children identified on back: Coss, Mabel (10 yrs old); Wilkinson, Eddie (9 yrs old); Curry, Wray; Waite, Wilson; unidentified girl;...

Harrison, Newson; Davis, Hazel; Ulrich, Earl; Wilson, Mabel; Reinhardt, Miss. Medford (Or.) ca. 1900 G39 B 4 Scanned

Fairview Orchards. Orchard of young trees, house and barns at far end of orchard, hills in back. On front of photo: 'Looking North-west from gates.' Fairview Orchards owned by J.W. Merritt. Central Point (Or.)

ca. 1910 G38 E 4 Scanned

"Around the campfire" Group around a campfire. Night scene, men, women, child sitting in campsite; tent behind, campfire in front

ca. 1910 G39 B 5 Scanned

Ashland Roller Mills, near overpass on Water St. Two-story building with wrap-around loading dock, double-hung sash windows; 1931 Ford; woman and two men. Ashland (Or.)

G36 A 2 Scanned

"Bum Neuber's Gold Brick Team" from Jacksonville: "Champions of Southern Oregon 1903" winning game score: Jacksonville 5, Grants Pass 4. Identified on back of photo: l-r standing: George Neuber, Henry Orth, Charles Nunan, Earnest Ingram, unidentified...

Ray Sexton; seated: Ed Donegan, Pat Donegan, unidentified, Dick Donegan, Louis Ulrich, Clarence Reames; player and position list from August 21, 1903 Jacksonville Sentinel (some not identified on photo): 'Nunan, ss; Pat Donegan, 3b; Isaacs, cf; 1903 G39 B 8; G45 D 3 Scanned

Rescue stretcher on mule. Mule saddled with reclining cot for transporting injured person; photograph labeled 'FIRST AMBULANCE WEST OF THE ROCKIES'. Jacksonville (Or.)

1851 G36 D 8; G36 E 1; G50 A 2 Scanned

Vintage cars at the Plaza in downtown Ashland; on front of photograph: "Ashland Oregon the Automobile City". Ashland (Or.)

c.1917 G35 D 8; G50 A 3 Scanned

Free Auto Camp Ground in Lithia Park. Autos parked in numbered camp spaces; tent and picnic table; sign "FREE AUTO CAMP GROUND Make yourself at home". Ashland (Or.)

G36 A 4; G36 A 5 Scanned

Bridge construction over Bear Creek at Main Street. Men posed on rebarred plank decking of Main Street bridge over Bear Creek; former steel bridge was moved to Jackson Street and replaced with concrete bridge at this time. Medford (Or.)

1912 G37 E 4; G45 C 4 Scanned

Chautauqua Dome in Ashland. Chautauqua Tabernacle, domed building with cupola beside dirt path. Chautauqua, a national touring program of educational lectures and entertainment; Ashland Chautauqua, 1893-1924; Oregon Shakespeare Festival began on

Chautauqua site, 1934. Ashland (Or.) G33 A 1; G36 A 6 Scanned

William Angle home interior. Interior of William Angle home; 609 East Main; photo taken day of William Angle's funeral, 2-15-1917. Medford (Or.)

1917 G37 E 7 Scanned

Men at entrance to Bloomfield Mine. Two men standing at left in front of forge; two men in front of timbered shaft opening. On back of photo: 'Forge on left to sharpen tools; Blacksmith shop at mouth of tunnel; Men at Bloomfield Mine (upper tunnel...

identified: Andrew Jeldness, Eric Anderson, Alex Lungren, Dr. Reddy. Applegate Area (Or.) G38 F 6 Scanned