Volunteer application

The following information is required for the Southern Oregon Historical Society to best place you in a volunteer position, to be able to communicate quickly with you, and to do a background check should any of your work with SOHS require it.  

Please provide name, address, phone and email for 2 references.
What skills and/or experiences do you have that might relate to a volunteer position with SOHS?
Please list any health/mobility issues about which you would like us to be aware.
Please check days that you would usually be available to volunteer:
In consideration for the Southern Oregon Historical Society allowing me to participate as a volunteer in its volunteer program, I hereby release the Society, its trustees, staff, and employees from any claims for personal injury or property damage arising out of my participation in the program beyond what is normally covered by a blanket accident insurance policy which the Society carries for volunteers. I understand that an injury sustained by me while participating in the volunteer program will not be covered by worker’s compensation.
If a person under 18 volunteers, a printed form with a signature of parent or guardian will be required.