Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Spouse City
Chavner, Thomas Margaret Brennen, 1860. Died; 1880 Rose Riley, 1882 Other
Clark, Frank C. Lena Bartlett Grace Wilson 1924 Medford
Collins, Robbie (Robertson E.), 1921-2003 Jacksonville
Colvig, Pinto Margaret Bourke Slavin, m. 1916 Peggy Allaire, m. 1952 Jacksonville
Colvig, William L., Dr., 1814-1896 Other
Colvig, William M., 1845-1936 Birdseye, Adelaide Medford
Cordy, Cliff Thomas, Mollie Vance. Married 08/28/1934 in Reno, NV. Other
Curry, Ann Brian Ross Ashland
David Henry Miller Elmira Brous Medford
Dean, Nathaniel C. Anna Huston (11/15/1852) Other