Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Spouse City
DeAutremont, Ray Hazel Other
DeAutremont, Roy Other
Dellenback, John (1918-2002) Mary Jane Benedict Medford
Deuel, F. K., b. 1864 Nancy Elizabeth Medford
Deuel, F. K., Jr., 1906-1999 Lippincot, Margaret on March 3, 1950 Medford
Deuel, Hob, b.1890 Wing, Almee B. on Nov. 21, 1922 in Klamath Falls, OR Medford
Dunn, Patrick Mary Minerva Hill (02/23/1854) Born 05/22/1836 Sweetwater, TN Died 09/25/1933 Ashland, OR Ashland
Eaker, C. L. (Claude Leslie), 1903-1973 Other
Egan, Chandler Henry McNally, Nina (divorced 1916) Scudder, Alice Barrett Other
Ellis, Ethelyn, 1894-1996 Ralph Ellis (d. Aug. 1987), married Aug. 2, 1923 Medford