Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Spouse City
Ellis, Ralph, d.1987 Ethelyn Jane Hawtheway, married Aug. 2, 1923 in Portland Medford
Fehl, Earl H., 1885-1962 Electra A. Stailey 05/12/1909 (d 04/23/1949) Medford
Fountain, Grace James Fountain Ashland
Frohnmayer, Otto, 1905-1997 MarAbel Fisher Braden, 6/10/1936 Medford
Fujimoto, Takejiro Medford
Gates, Pop Leah A. Farmsley 12/28/1882 Medford
Gates, Pop (Charles Edwin) Leah A. Farmsley 12/28/1882
Hall, Seely, 1893-1984 Vera Central Point
Hanley, Alice E. never married Central Point
Hanley, Mary Love (1893-1986) Jacksonville