Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Spouse City
Hanley, Michael Martha M. Burnett Jacksonville
Hedrick, Ercel Helen E. Norcross 06/11/1923 in Medford, OR. Medford
Helman, Abel Daugherty Kanagy. (or Konagy) Martha J. Ashland
Hoffman, William, 1801-1885 Caroline B. Schaffer 09/22/1836, Boonborrough, MD [b.11/29/1813 Anne Arendal Co. MD. d. 09/09/1900 JV, OR] Jacksonville
Inada, Lawson Fusao Janet Medford
Jackson, Glenn L. Helen Simpson Jackson circa 1926 Medford
Kenney, Elizabeth T'Vault Other
Kubli, Kaspar, 1830-1897 Newcomb. Ella (or Elinore) Jane (12/27/1857) Jacksonville
Maddox, Rose Hale, 1942 Ashland
Morthland, J.G. (1892-1971) Medford