Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Spouse City
Myer, Nathaniel Maria Ridinger Ashland
Newbry, Lynn (1923-2012) Charlotte Lyndel Other
O'Neill, R. H. Other
Peil, Alice Emel Peil (1910) Ashland
Phipps, Dolph E. Cellers. Mary Elizabeth (10/17/1917) Medford
Phipps, Ira J., 1838-1913 Downing. Calista P. 04/21/1861 Medford
Robinson, Dorland, 1892-1917 C.E. Pearson Jacksonville
Robinson, J. W., Dr. Dr. Ella Ford of Salem, m. October 1878, d. 1879; Matilda (Tillie) Miller, m. 1882 Jacksonville
Rogers, Ginger Medford
Ross, John England, 1818-1900 Elizabeth Hopwood Jacksonville