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First Prize in the Ashland Parade!

Ashland Parade 2018 First PlaceSOHS's fire engine won First Price for Vehicles in the Ashland Parade! The fire engine's first appearance in Ashland in forty years marks the end of yet another phase in its life and the beginning of a new one.

Ready for the July 4th Ashland Parade!

Fire EngineAfter thousands of volunteer hours--and thousands of dollars of community donations--Ashland's Amphibious Fire Engine is whole again.

Joe Davis and Dave Delmue of Morgan Hill, California are the heroes of the week

Our regular Tuesday work session saw us not at the usual garage but at Joe Davis' shop scratching our heads ov

Beautiful new ladder!

fire engine with its new ladderUsing nothing more than some donated lumber, 100-year-old hardware and about fifty hours of his time, SOHS Board Member Greg Applen fabricated an authentic reproduction extension ladder.  It isn't only a beautiful piece of work, it really dresses up the right side of the vehicle.

Thanks, Greg!


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