Southern Oregon Century Farms and Ranches

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program, managed by the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation, recognizes farms and ranches that have been owned by one family for 100 years or more. Please view their web pages for additional information and photos. The Oregon Blue Book also hosts a Century Farms and Ranches Web Exhibit.

The complete list for Oregon Century Farms and Ranches may be accessed online.

Link to more information Original Owner Year Acquiredsort descending County
CFR0126 Beckley, Henry 0 Douglas
CFR0699 Clayton, Jesse C. 1848 Douglas
CFR0700 Cowan, Robert 1848 Douglas
CFR0111 Boone, Synthia Ann & Paris 1849 Douglas
CFR0103 Wilson, W. H. & Hannah Dickinson Wilson 1849 Douglas
CFR0114 Sawyers, Andrew 1850 Douglas
CFR0106 Butler, Rufus 1850 Douglas
CFR0108 Long, John 1850 Douglas
CFR0113 Gazley, James E. 1851 Douglas
CFR0692 Arrington, James M. & Kitty Ann C. 1851 Douglas
CFR0101 Smith, Charles W. 1851 Douglas
CFR0131 Dean, Nathaniel C. 1851 Jackson
CFR0121 Phipps, Robert Matlock 1851 Douglas
CFR0733 Birdseye, David Nelson 1852 Jackson
CFR0129 Dyer, Moses T. 1852 Douglas
CFR0115 Stephens, Ebenezer 1852 Douglas
CFR0116 Jones, Henry 1852 Douglas
CFR0117 Nichols, Israel Boyd 1852 Douglas
CFR0118 McCulloch, William T. 1852 Douglas
CFR0102 Blakely, Samuel P. 1852 Douglas