Southern Oregon Century Farms and Ranches

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program, managed by the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation, recognizes farms and ranches that have been owned by one family for 100 years or more. Please view their web pages for additional information and photos. The Oregon Blue Book also hosts a Century Farms and Ranches Web Exhibit.

The complete list for Oregon Century Farms and Ranches may be accessed online.

Link to more informationsort descending Original Owner Year Acquired County
CFR0130 Beeson, John 1853 Jackson
CFR0131 Dean, Nathaniel C. 1851 Jackson
CFR0133 Dunn, Patrick 1852 Jackson
CFR0134 Hanley, Michael 1857 Jackson
CFR0137 Hanley, Michael 1857 Jackson
CFR0138 Hanley, Michael 1857 Jackson
CFR0139 Ross, Col. John E. and Elizabeth Ross 1853 Jackson
CFR0140 Brown, Henry R. 1854 Jackson
CFR0141 Chavner, Thomas 1856 Jackson
CFR0142 Chavner, Thomas 1856 Jackson
CFR0143 Ross, John England & Elizabeth 1854 Jackson
CFR0144 Ross, John E. & Elizabeth 1854 Jackson
CFR0145 Brown, Henry R. 1859 Jackson
CFR0146 Payne, Champion T. 1869 Jackson
CFR0147 Payne, Champion T. 1869 Jackson
CFR0148 Kubli, Kaspar 1857 Jackson
CFR0149 Carver, Ebenezer W. 1868 Jackson
CFR0150 White, Samuel Wilson 1855 Josephine
CFR0151 Horton, William Harrison 1868 Klamath
CFR0285 Bacon, Henry Nieman & wife, Virginia Smithson Winniford Bacon 1890 Douglas