Southern Oregon Century Farms and Ranches

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program, managed by the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation, recognizes farms and ranches that have been owned by one family for 100 years or more. Please view their web pages for additional information and photos. The Oregon Blue Book also hosts a Century Farms and Ranches Web Exhibit.

The complete list for Oregon Century Farms and Ranches may be accessed online.

Link to more informationsort descending Original Owner Year Acquired County
CFR0732 Nealon, Stephen M. 1883 Jackson
CFR0733 Birdseye, David Nelson 1852 Jackson
CFR0735 Loosley, John 1873 Klamath
CFR0736 Owen, James 1879 Klamath
CFR0737 Taylor, Samuel H. 1880 Klamath
CFR0738 Kilgore, Silas Wright 1876 Klamath
CFR0739 Riggs, Elija 1882 Klamath
CFR0740 Campbell, David 1885 Klamath
CFR0981 Moore, Thomas Franklin 1900 Curry
CFR0982 Messal Sr., William 1880 Jackson
CFR0984 Hill, William F. 1894 Klamath
CFR0999 Ross, Charles Oscar 1889 Coos
CFR1014 Shull, Benjamin C. 1886 Coos
CFR1015 Warner, Calvin M. 1864 Coos
CFR1018 Walker, Charles F. 1884 Douglas
CFR1019 Henderer, Charles G. & Emeline Meador Henderer 1857 Douglas
CFR1020 Jones, Abraham 1853 Douglas
CFR1027 Davenport, Joseph A. 1900 Coos
CFR1028 Heller, Louis 1869 Coos
CFR1044 Unspecified 1902 Curry