Central Point Post Office

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Each post office record includes one or more documents. Each document may be displayed (by clicking on the title) and may be downloaded. The documentation has been provided from government records, copied for SOHS by Ben Truwe.

Central Point was named by Isaac Constant, a local pioneer landowner at the crossing of the most traveled pioneer wagon roads of the Rogue River Valley. One led from Jacksonville to Sam's Valley and the Table Rocks area. The other road was the NS route between California and the Willamette Valley. In 1868, the Macgruder brothers established a store at the crossing and, in 1872, Constance Macgruder became the first postmistress of Central Point.

Where did they go? Following the mail trail of the DPOs of Jackson County, Oregon (SHS 979.5281 S93 2013)

CORRECTION: Although the text shown above matches text in the source, it is incorrect. The first postmaster was Constantine Magruder. Although the original application was signed only as "C. Magruder", image number 8 shows a full signature, and it is Constantine Magruder. 










Macgruder, Constantine

Nearest Creek: 

Bear Creek

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Rogue River