The Old Barn, Hanley Farm's Oldest Building

Hanley Farm’s “old barn” is one of the oldest in Oregon that is still standing. The center portion was built in 1854 out by Hanley Road. Alice had it moved near to the creek and rebuilt, larger than before. It is made of huge hand-hewn beams with pegs rather than nails. This barn was built as a stock and threshing barn, and still has several animal stalls. The original second-story hay loft and center threshing floor are now missing.  A hay fork system similar to that in the other barn was installed and the loft was removed so hay could fill the entire center bay. In the days before mechanical threshing was done at this farm, wagons were driven into the barn and grains (still on their stalks) were spread on the floor. The heads were knocked from the stalks by beating with a flail. In his biography, Feelin' Fine, Bill Hanley remembers doing this when he was a boy.