Russell, Ann Haseltine Hill

Ann, with her parents, brother, and sisters, traveled by covered wagon from Tennessee to Oregon, arriving in 1853 - one year after leaving Tennessee. Ann, her mother Elizabeth, and sisters Martha and Mary, were the first white women in the south end of Bear Creek Valley. Their journals tell of finding the fence around their home crowded with miners from Jacksonville and Yreka, eager for a glimpse of the pretty Hill girls. Ann married Maj. James Russell in 1854. In 1865, the Russells established a marble works on Neil Creek - the first south of Portland. Ann learned stonecutting from her husband and developed a reputation as a sculptress. She filled orders from all over the country; many of the tombstones in the Ashland cemetery were designed and carved by Ann Hill Russell. She and James had eleven children. Vertical file folders: Hill - biog. Russell. Ann Haseltine Hill - biog.

Other Name(s): 

Hassie Hassis Has




North Main, Ashland (2nd house from corner of Church & N. Main)


Isaac Hill 1805 - 1864


James H Russell 05/09/1854




Learned to be a stonecutter from husband.


Stonecutter of cemetery monuments