The Southern Oregon Historical Society is committed to helping teachers make use of SOHS's vast collection of artifacts and documents to expose students to local history. Hanley Farm provides a fun and interactive way to learn about how life in the Rouge Valley has been changing over generations. SOHS schedules two annual heritage fairs for fourth grade students, as well as field trips that conform to local, and state school standards on History and Social Sciences. SOHS also schedules tours for groups of all ages, summer camps,  and hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Children's Heritage Fair

One of our biggest education efforts is the yearly Children's Heritage Fair, held at SOHS Hanley Farm.

This year will be the 36th anniversary of CHF. It is a hands-on half-day of activities for 4th grade classes as a culmination of their study of the Oregon Trail. In recent years activities have included: packing the wagon for the trip west, grinding flour and making flat bread, making candles, doing laundry, roping cattle, and carrying water. In three days in May about 30 classes with their teachers and chaperones participate.

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